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I mjss waking up to the sound of little kids in the roads, Screaming and shouting as they play ball. You don't even need to know my name, You just have to want to play. It was simple there.
With each years' dawn I'm leaning toward a shoulder's setting sun For each new breath of life, we must embrace the lies we've sung
coincidental, isn't it? all that she wished for, longed for, lent itself to her in the blink of an eye. maybe it wouldn't last, euphoria is a temporary heaven, after all.
i see you. alone, afraid, desperate, searching for something to make you feel whole. i am you. we are one in the same. your pain is mine. that feeling of falling, completely alone, downward towards - who knows where? - is ours and ours alone.
You were my sunshine and i used to be your moon, My revolution was around earth yet glowed only for you. An elliptical love circle, that never meant to end soon, As I have belief in our love's photon stew.
Colors take me away Sweep me up in a flourish of pigment A swarm of hues and shades Come to rest within my head The colors take me away   Consumed in a rush Under the glow of flickering neon
2 June 2019 10:37 AM Flakes of light drifting down Radiant dreams touch all around What light adorns this wonderful world That shadow would run to find the door
She is the light of my life. Was, though now I remember all the  softness from her. Purity, which sickened like the yellow skin spread over her in the end. Sunshine always lit up the sky and
Even though the sky weeps with us today, tomorrow shares the warmth of sunshine and friendship, healing our sorrows in the light of rainbows.
Hi, shiny sweetheart! When I am lost, I write you. You brighten me up!
The Sun is so warm That the grass is very green, And here's panda bear!
Heliophile Coming out of the darkness. Stepping into the light. what a beautiful sight. people talk out of spite. But baby im not trying to fight. Saying hurtful things with no fright.
    Dear Ray,  When I think of your name I think of a Ray of sunshine.. It was the one Ray I needed to blind me from my past. You’ve  changed my life for the better, no one deserves to be
As I lie here all around me I see A whole world of creativity The Birds, oh how they sing With their little ones under their wing
 But with a sweet forgetting The distance between us…   The clouds that are cool for all their setting Pure as rose-lipped shell
Sunshine Don’t go away It seems as if You just arrived Don’t leave me here I like it better When you shine around me
Dear Apollo,    You are the God of so many things. You may have already noticed this,  but I have too.   I noticed you are the God of sunlight,
It was your toxic love that made me grow It was your toxic love that showed me the warmth hidden in winter And the chills from the summer It was your toxic love that made my tears break free  And your empty words 
When your eyes have been shut during the night Morning sunlight is a bright sight It's practically blinding as it shines through my window The rays shine in my room in the shape of a weeping willow
Dear Life,   My mind’s getting lost, I can’t stop thinking My thoughts went deep and I went sinking My god, god damn, what’s left of me
Rainbows in the sky,Sunlight shines through many clouds.I wish to share it.
Your lips on my forehead Again Again And I’m time-travelling except I don’t know if I’m going To the past or to the future
Wet hair Bright eyes You say “Because I love you” And I ask “Why do you love me?” You reply
  Sunshine hurts my eyes.Why am I up this early?Oh yeah, I have class. Sunshine hurts my eyes.Why am I up this early?Oh yeah, I have class.  
Buzzing bees and blooming trees have everyone aglow. Sunny, cloudless skies give rise to warmer days, I know. Singing birds, and pretty words about newly grassy greens, Petals abud and puddles of mud
Squeezing  My chest is ...Squeezing Calling out for you to Squeeze me Hold me close and Acknowledge my existence without making me feel kiddish Like a child with a crush on a teacher
Sunshine other than the Rays outsideThe sunshine I see everyday of my lifeWhile in person or dream or my thoughts dailyI always recall you're passionate eyes and you're sweet kissThe burn between us is the spark they sayThe sizzle of love cooking
A little girl once did not care if  She was annoying the other girls and boys Now this girl is too careful Not to stare the wrong way   A little girl once smiled alll the time
You are my sunshine, My grandmother’s voice is hushed by the foam of the waves. Her fingers delicately reposition a ringlet of hazelnut behind my ear.
The morning sun is like a coffee Liquid light streaming from the sky A cup of bliss for upturned faces Receiving the golden greeting from up high.   The morning sun is like a letter
When skies are grey and you feel as if you have no control, Remember there is always a tomorrow.You are the Sunshine. When you feel you have to hold yourself in your own arms, Remember you’re a charm.You are the Sunshine.  When you overthink, worr
When I think about you I see the sun and the stars So radient and bright my eternal shining light. When I think about you My breathing quickens My heart races I can't seem to form words.
It's not just the sun kissing my cheek and brightening my eyes It's not just the chime that tells me someone is thinking about me It's not just the wind flying beneath me as I ride down the hill on my bike
Clouds may hide sunshine, but they bring me smiles. showing beauty and grace, never defiled.   They give me perspective, prove that Im so small, yet strong enough not to fall.  
The first time I met the sun,He was about 5 feet and 9 inches tall.His smile was always so radiant,that I would squint when I looked up to him
Oh sunshine! will you ever not illuminate my path? Will you ever stop warming my chilled skin? You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make my heart beat pumping my blood through my glorious body
Most peoples sun rise is at 6 AM The skies go from dark to light and all the bright colors start to appear MY sun rises with you Without you everythings dark and I see no colors You are my sun rise
Sunshine on a cloudy day Memories made with friends Interacting with my playful pup Laughs that push the gray away  Enriched by a smile that will never end. 
As the sun rolls in Carrying a morning grin That is genuine
He used to walk under nothing but a raincloud, Until she came, Held his hand,  And showed him the sun.
"Don't you dare forget the sun, love" That's what the song said. Then the question remains of why? Why do those words mean so much to me? Why do they haunt my mind? The answer is the sunshine.
  Waves are rolling with rhythms of blue. Bubbles surface with an off white hue.  Sun beams down, no clouds in the way. Salt in our hair for a multitude of days.
Regardless of how bleak my dreams may be,or how far the clouds stretch through the skyYour golden rays are there to greet me,and bring a sparkle to my
Catching the snowflakes as they fall The taste of winter cold and clear  Staring at the frosty swirls etched upon the windows adoringly The heavy blue clouds entrap the sky in their folds Winter has descended   
knuckles are bleeding again  hit the wall too hard cover the ragged flesh with paint.  makeup's smeared again  mascara streaks down cheeks turn the smudges into tiger stripes.  
I've been waiting on the sunshine, for so long it's been away. I've been waiting on the sunshine, to take me away. been pretty lost here, in this cloudless grey, and all I can do now 
The part of the morning where it is too early for the sun to shine
Is today a good day?  Just because the sun doesn't shine today, doesn't mean it isn't. The rain may bring a good day for someone who has a hard time finding fresh water.
She has the soul of a gentle saint
You’re a soft bed of grass, Sans the bugs, briers, and burrs That have plagued me before. You are secluded from the cityscape, But not lacking in excitement. In solitude someplace,
I am like a purple iris Mkxed into an ocean of blue flowers.  Although my feet are firmly rooted in the ground, I sway slightly in the breeze, always searching for the sun.   
Then the wind blows harder sending drifts of snow across the cracked parking lot The stinging air slowly turns my face red as I trudge towards my destination
She Is The Sun
That morning sun, I never knew of, Until you woke me up. 
With the sun in my mouth,  and the cloud in my heads,  Don't put your foot down in my dumping ground.    One of kind, to myself, the image you see, is not what you'll get. 
  All walkways are a whirlwind of strangers, a whirlwind of no one and everyone hiding within and the particulars, I know not. Never have seen them. Never have heard them. Never have known them.  
You used to be the sunshineWho gives me hope at nightYou used to be the sunshineFor, I will always fight
I like the sound that emmits from my headphones, the colors that cover the pages of my sketchbook. The sun that shines so warmly when I sit out on my porch, Literally heaven for even just a few minutes.
As I gaze I see the sky change from blue to pink Then as the night comes the moon whispers in my dreams I do not know of the words that it speak I just know that the world turned and is now smiling at me
She looks like heaven  to me She says no but that's okay not everyone can see The way her eyes shine in the morning
You make me look forward to the morning. That crystalline smile like a sunrise resting against still waters. I get lost in your calm and collarbone kisses seep down into my soul like dawn dew.
I feel the sunshine kiss my face like an old friend Like a coffee shop meeting After a long time apart. The warmth brushes past my face in faint traces Of smiles and laughter and past graces
When the sun shines through the clouds and the world seems to glow.
To change, alter, modifyIf I had the power to revolutionize,Every stroke of the brush placed in my right handwould ever so gracefully trace my vision. 
Its starting to snow, it must be winter, White all around us in the cold night sky. But do you know something this December? I really can't leave now, can't say goodbye. Unexptectedly I've fallen for you,
You say it's the light that comes from within, Bright and sunny is how you've always been. Your smile would light up the room and you weren't afraid to dream, Nothing could harm you so it would seem.
You are the sunshine within me.And beneath me is where Your hand lies.Love holding me tight,Suffocating me with fresh air.
Rippling, warm spring breezes Melting across my face, I’m rocking on a heal in the dirt Slouching against the chains of Reason. Chasing after the thought, not now, But basking in a golden abyss between
Awake at early morning Tiptoeing down the stairs Past the pictures wrapped in frames And gliding toward cold air
The sun shines over us like a bright light. It warms us when we're cold. It protects us from the bad,
There are those days When you feel good And your smile is genuine And you can’t hold back the dimples  In your cheeks Those days  When the sun seems to shine Bright On you When you can absorb its rays  And feel its warmth And know that you are shi
Rain Sweetly, the rain falls on my yearning face. Softly, it tumbles and fills the air. Who can stop this gentle waterfall?
Take my hand Deliver me from evil Come with me Into eternal sunshine   Fly away to a new world.
Excitedly waking up in the morning of dancing, white, snowflakes,Young faces bright and aglow at the sight of silver and gold bows,The rays of golden sun in a brilliant sunrise.
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Her rays dance to warm the Earth, swerving and dodging in and out playing hide and seek with the clouds. Her eyes scan the room, bobbing and weaving playing peek-a-boo with the crowds.
Sunshine sunshine oh how I love to feel the warmth of the sunshine how it hits my face and body and makes me feel like it's all mine
Sunshine Everything’s light And colorful. There’s bright colors everywhere! Everything the sun touches Appears brighter And more colorfully vibrant.
I long to bask in sunshine’s boundless glow Devine, Pristine, secure in mindless bliss To freely enter natures timeless flow
People want EVERYTHING you have but fail to realize there was a time you had NOTHING. All they see are the good days that go so well, they always seem to miss the days everything fail.
Always in constant wonder of everything But especially The sun, the sun, the sun Bright, warm, fantastic, beautiful Few words can describe the feeling it gives me It fills my heart, my mind, my body
Dear Rainy Days, Your exciting, splashy puddles I simply can't resist, You are my explanation; The reason I exist.
Dear Rainy Days, Your exciting, splashy puddles I simply can't resist, You are my explanation; The reason I exist.
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