Healing my soul

    Dear Ray, 

When I think of your name I think of a Ray of sunshine..

It was the one Ray I needed to blind me from my past. You’ve 

changed my life for the better, no one deserves to be

in an unstable situation where they are mistreated, used, and 

abused. The pain was unbearable, it felt like my heart became

more weak as days passed. Seconds turned into days, 

days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and 

months turned into years. Four years to be exact. 

Im not the only women who has suffered from abuse

my “lover” the father of my child was the one 

who abused me, physically and emotionally. I heard it 

all, I felt pain that I would never wish upon anyone.

I lost myself in the process but because of Ray

my Ray of sunshine I’ve found myself again.

I am beautiful, I am strong, and I deserve 

absolutely nothing but the best. When healers come into

your life accept them with your arms wide open

because God sent them specifically to heal your soul. 

I am not whole, but I am also not broken. I may have had

a broken heart but there’s loving people in my life to help 

me live fearlessly and that’s why I want to say thank you to Ray. 

Thank you for having my back, the endless support,the advice and resources 

happiness is a healed soul that was stomped on 

and worn out.

you Ray are my Ray of sunshine





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