Sunshine and You- An Anniversary Poem


You’re a soft bed of grass,

Sans the bugs, briers, and burrs

That have plagued me before.

You are secluded from the cityscape,

But not lacking in excitement.

In solitude someplace,

Singing a song I cannot name,

But it is familiar all the same.

My personal concert, my favorite composer.

Just sunshine and you.

So I lay the day away,

Staring at that face,

Surrendering to that smile,

Surrounded by floral lace

As the flowers braid themselves

So delicately through my hair

And dangle in the air

With the honeysuckle scent that gets

Stuck in my clothes,

Long after I’ve regrettably returned home,

Or rather, left my home in your haven.

Your haven clear of calendars,

For only nature can decide

Between time for sunset and time for sunrise.

No clocks there either,

For no human can tell the sun

When her show has ended and the moon’s begun.

So hours are minutes are seconds are days

In this home, in your heart, in your arms, on my mind.

And suddenly I don’t care about trivial time.

My only pursuit is the sky and you.

We watch spring turn to summer, to autumn, to winter,

And we stay warm just lying together.

The world and you.

Watching constellations fly by in fast-forward,

Pausing only to rest our eyes, and then we move onward.

We’ve got a wide world to see,

Our entire existence to explore,

Just you and me, to a year,

And many more.

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