A Moment

Wet hair

Bright eyes

You say

“Because I love you”

And I ask

“Why do you love me?”

You reply

“The pause before you speak, when you breathe

The wind whistles between your teeth

Your eyes dance with possibility

And in that moment, you are endless

That is when I see myself

By your side

A hand on your shoulder”

Your words send a shiver through me

“What do you mean?”

A small smile

A pause

“It would be a lie to say

That I would get lost in the infinity of you

You are the map that helps me navigate the world

A lemon-colored light

Calling me home”

You seem content with this answer

You turn away before I put a hand on your shoulder

I pull you tight into my arms, a stranger to being bolder

Then I kiss the top of your forehead

“Why did you do that?” You ask

Your skin is warm

My hands hold yours

My answer is four words wrapped in sunshine


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