to the lost ones - note to self

i see you. alone, afraid, desperate, searching for something to make you feel whole. i am you. we are one in the same. your pain is mine. that feeling of falling, completely alone, downward towards - who knows where? - is ours and ours alone. you are in seach of the key to your prison cell, whatever it takes to escape from this hellscape with your life. you feel more dead than alive.


you have to remember that you can feel alive again. you will someday feel that joyous warmth blooming through your chest. someday you will regain your hope. you will look forward to the future instead of cowering away from it. someday you will smile. you will smile so bright it will outshine the very sun in the sky. someday you will laugh. you will laugh so hard that you won't be able to stop - and why would you? you'd be happy again, so simply beautifully happy after feeling dark and alone for all those years. 


your time will come. do not forget it. you will make it out of this alive.

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