a metaphor about love

She Is The Sun
bright, bold, and brilliant
her hands are there to hold me 
even when it’s dark outside,
warming my heart at 4 am 
because it’s always morning somewhere
i cannot help but gravitate towards her
i am caught up in her orbit
it feels like the sensation of falling, 
no control,
space is a bit scary
but please don’t take my sunshine away
she is glowing, radiant, and  oh so hot
i miss her because she is right there
but she isn’t at the same time
there are times when i feel like she really is
a million miles away
those are the days that I am angry at  her
but the truth is
nobody should be angry at  the sun
when the clouds are the ones blocking the way
we all know her
people write about the combusting
nuclear fusion that goes on behind
the vibrant light she emits
and its akin to magic they say
she inspires the best screen plays
she is a term of endearment and
she can destroy everything  I have
in the blink of an eye
because the sun is still a
a burning ball of tumultuous gas
a force to be reckoned with
she will always be a risk
a spoken promise of
three little words that could
shatter my world
my memories of her are defined
by the seasons because
feelings are just like the weather
i remember her most fondly from 
long summer days 
filling my days with a oceanic happiness
a slow drifting smile 
she felt like walking on a dream
the girl who makes me write
no matter how many miles separated us
i’d never felt my heart beat so out of rhythm
with the possibility of her name
(A FRESH START, i see her and i know
it is a new day)
we cannot live without her
she is the light at the end of a dark tunnel


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