Amongst the Sonshine


You are the sunshine within me.
And beneath me is where Your hand lies.
Love holding me tight,
Suffocating me with fresh air.
Real oxygen.
Not tainted drinks of corruption.
I've almost forgotten what joy felt like.
Feels like.
New birth.
The sensation of walking out of that cold hospital where your mother just died and
the sun touching your skin.
Because only through Him can you feel warm again,
Safe again.
Because that's what You are.
Leading to the fact that
Only You can do wonders with a broken heart, 

Making works of art.

Changing shattered lives into masterpieces,
And the center is where Your trademark is found

The beginning of Your plans,
The inspiration to Your blurprints-
Which whispers

More silent than the wind but brings the joy of a childs laughter
Your sweet romance is what sweeps me off my feet again
How great it is to BREATHE again.
How great is this sweet taste of air,
Your oxygen mask.
Not only does it get me high and filled with laughter but in the astonishment of Your grace.
How I love to hear Your words pierce my soul
So Help me today
To rediscover Your nearness -
To quiet my soul and hear You speak,
To shut out the high-decibel sounds;
That I may hear Your precious silence today
Deep, deep within my heart.
As You whisper Your words of love into my mind 

I lose myself and everything the world perceives.
Lost in Your presence, 

Only finding truth
Is what You leave.
And I 
Am the heart that receives.
Not only do I believe but
You are what I lay my foundation on,
Taking refuge under the umbrella of Your lashes.
Grabbing onto that rock of Your hand. .
You sing the melodies of this heart into my ear.
These words from Your lips taste so so sweet.
The way You speak, makes my heart weak.
Down to my knees
Is where I fall.
In love with You again.


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