Intergalactic Love Story

Thu, 09/25/2014 - 20:26 -- katie_p

You and I are like the sun and the moon

And most people would call that tragic

Say that our love story has a sad kind of magic

That we just keep missing each other and that's truly terrible

But it really isn't quite so unbearable

See without the sun, the moon can't shine

And without your light, i have none to call mine

And together we can light up the whole world. Day or night

And sometimes the moon even comes out in the day just to say hello

Just to see if the sun is doing okay

Like, hey, i just want to be here for you, even if you don't necessarily need me right now

And one day, we're both going to die, but when we do, it's gonna be okay because I spent my life reflecting back what I love most about you, and you always knew how to light up my life

And maybe I'm just a rock

Cold, not easy to love

And maybe you're a ball of fire with a quick temper

But maybe we could be like the moon and the sun

Moving in synchronization and setting the heavens on fire

Maybe we could be like that

Keeping each other sane

Running the race together

Each of us taking over when the other gets tired

An intergalactic love story for the ages



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