HeliophileComing out of the darkness.


Coming out of the darkness.

Stepping into the light.

what a beautiful sight.

people talk out of spite.

But baby im not trying to fight.

Saying hurtful things with no fright.

Hunny you need some sunshine in your life.

Come snd see the world with me.

And we will realize everything it could be.

Feel the beat in you heart and just breathe.

You will realize everything will come to you with ease.

Should not be this hard to be with you.

leaving me all types of confused.

My heart has been abused.

And baby i aint amused.

It should be so easy loving  you.

But its all about everything you do.

If this is how you really feel.

Leaving me would be no big deal.

why do you stay and drag me on.

I know our connection is very strong.

Thats exactly why we gotta keep going on.

So let the sunsine in and look at the views.

Life is a rainbow, and you are in the blues.

We can shine like a ray of light.

beaming high in the cloudy sky.







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