my sunshine

Sunshine other than the Rays outsideThe sunshine I see everyday of my lifeWhile in person or dream or my thoughts dailyI always recall you're passionate eyes and you're sweet kissThe burn between us is the spark they sayThe sizzle of love cooking in our kitchenWe share dreams together every dayThe stage we bond as one as a partner foreverOur bows more than bows and our words more than they meanWe stay close no matter what mileNothing can separate our recipe for a brick wallOur love stronger than the wolf of doubtNo trouble for us in any partsA chill through cracks but nothing bricks can't fixThey stay together and bond as oneA wall like our love it never goes down Chaos and throws outside hit our wallsBut hearing is one thing, but feeling is anotherKnowing most important for we never then give inWe know to trust so we mustAnd we do and we dowe prove and we prove...Our love is a sky to blue and trueThe yellow sunshine with the green of growth Making a sky as one is who we areMeaning to be together is all we knowAnd all we know is all we wantBricks are strong and the sky is clearOur path of love is more than saidLike a sky or a wall, it's better then metWoods don't describe every thing that i knowBut I say all I can and I know what I madeThe sunshine I see everyday of my lifeIs the one I will see till my final life of night.

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