Those days

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 07:32 -- Vnic

There are those days When you feel good And your smile is genuine And you can’t hold back the dimples  In your cheeks Those days  When the sun seems to shine Bright On you When you can absorb its rays  And feel its warmth And know that you are shining just as radiant Those days where you want to say hello To strangers And make them friends Those days when colors  Appear brilliant And simple sounds dance like music In your ears Days when everything is pleasant  When the smells are all sweet And your skin feels so soft And you can’t stop touching things around you  Because your sense of touch  Reassures you that  This day is not a dream You touch  To make a connection to reality To make sure  That the beauty you are experiencing Is exists in that moment  And then there are those days when you wake  And there are storm clouds And you feel as ugly as the overcast sky And you keep your hands tucked away Down in your pockets To block the sense of touch   Which always made  A moment real Hands pocketed You hide from the reality which touch would bring And this disconnect allows you To remain hopeful That maybe this day is just nightmare From which you will soon wake   But no There are those real afternoons When all the people you encounter are nasty And cruel When humanity seem to turn its back on you  When the dimples in your cheeks bury themselves beneath your flesh  Hidden and Afraid to show themselves Scared they might get ripped off  By the wind of the violent storm  Through which you walk  There are those days when you want to cry  And scream And curse Those days when all you want is to find yourself an empty hole  To lie down, fall asleep and  Be alone  In To sit still and unconscious  For  Some time A place to  Escape Reality  Until  A day like tomorrow comes A morning when you can wake up  And rise  To see the  Sunshine As bright as you are When you feel good And your smile is genuine And you can’t hold back the dimples  In your cheeks  



This was a good piece that everyone can relate to. It's impossible to run from either of the two types of days but days that beautiful make the bad ones worth going through. My only problem with the piece isn't with the piece itself. There were no periods or anything so it is read as one extremely long sentence so it was hard for me to keep track. 

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