healthy relationship

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I find joy walking in the rain with you. The wind brings a biting chill And the water droplets sink into my clothes. The sky is a flat, endless gray.
I moved to Utah without really knowing a soul The only two people I knew were my grandpa and grandma and man they are old One day I met Glory and learned her life story She's my 39 old cousin and she was so kind
I look to the sky, there’s not a cloud in sight. Our food, That was so lovingly prepared by you, Is taken from the basket and placed on the quilt.
Motions, often more than words, are shown  Emotions running deeper than ever Feelings that are genuine, not taken by loan  Connections between the two cannot sever   
As a child my mother always told me, "That's very unhealthy."  as I dumped sugar and sodium laden foods into my stomach. She suggested I choose low-calorie meals, guided me to exercise,
Because I love you, trust is an absolute must.   Because I love you I can be strong and vulnerable;  I can be me, and not someone i think you may want to see.  I know that is what you love about me. 
Worries worries worries Who is he with? Why didn’t he tell me where he was going? Is he lying to me?
Pure love the pure white dove doesn't like hate so it cannot relate   it only knows those who love it so the dove  does not shove nor does it  hit one bit  
  In my darkest moment,  You were there to cradle me Somehow you became my opponent Preventing me from being free   You and I together Perpetuated my pain The way dark and stormy weather
Fear not, my dearest of them all  your words and thoughts will be listened and cared for  not thrown in your face whenever we conflict for this is our love  not an ownership
Fear not, my dearest of them all  your words and thoughts will be listened and cared for  not thrown in your face whenever we conflict for this is our love  not an ownership
A spell put over me I did fall I fell because I love you Those dazzling eyes That infectious smile I love you  
Drive safe Make sure you eat Look both ways Turn up the heat.   Get plenty of sleep Wear comfy socks Brush your teeth Turn all the locks.   Take a deep breath
Because I love you, everything behind that fake facade. It is not what is presented, as that is little more than a fraud. My full support will always be with you.
You do not deserve to be mocked. You are worth more than that.   People do not get to take your success from you. You earned that.  
You don’t judge me for my flaws, you take them into appreciation and pause  It may be the way you look at me or the way you make me feel  But inside I’m certain that you help me heal.  It is because of this, 
Becuase I love you I... Sneak up behind you to give you a warm hug, Go to the store and buy your favorite food,  Give you a kiss whenever we are seperated, Never go to bed arguing,
Old pictures in the album, Which nobody touched for a long time.   Pieces of Memories in my mind, Which lost their names a long time ago.   a young girl lived in my universe,
Sweet as sugarTasty as a banana splitWith “I love you”Sprinkles all over it Caringly craftedWith respect and loveA sense of security attractedWhen push comes to shove  A necessary equilibrium Of faith and understandingEquipoise between sacrifice a
honey-swirled eyes, tightly coiled raven curls and chubby, rosey cheeks. the biggest, yet smallest, details. i notice them. curled fingers and frustration,
I was once told I'd make someone else very happy As if their happiness meant more than mine As if i was put here  On this vast world to make someone elses heart beat; To make it race;
Because I love you--- When I am angry, I will not scream Or build a wall between you and the world ( if you so much as see another person in a century it will be an act of god )
Why? You forgive Even when I don't deserve it You give When I need it You hold me But never things against me When I am mad You are calm I wonder why
A tribute to my grandma’s strength, my grandpa’s battle with Alzheimer’s, and their lesson on what love really is.  
I want to be an apple in your eye, The figure your gaze lingers on just a second more,
I am you and you are me. My best friend, you are something from a dream.   When you laugh, my heart smiles, When your heart aches, I would walk miles, to fight your fears,
To be numb was always the safest route:there were no alternates, no endangering side roads,a straight runway- avoidance of any emotion. I did not think I wanted to change,
  Because I love you I'll never let you face anything alone Because I love you I'll remember ever milestone Because I love you
he looked me in the eyes and told me please don't cry "it was only this one time i'd never re-commit this crime"   it's been three years since still every time i hear his name, i wince
Her fingers run through my head as we lay in bed Braids make their way from her hands to my hair Even though it is too short for them to stay  
Another day, another smile Yesterday she laughed Last night she stayed awake After all, he was why   After talking to her, he didn't want to stop Last thing he wanted was for her to cry
and so I fell in love with the way he fell asleep at night the way he breathed unevenly the annoying way he held me captive - during every phone call the way he made me late to meetings the way he laughed
I'm another casualty to the weapon of love. The trigger pulled by joined hands. Claims of compassion suffocating my every breath, Nearly as strong as the words of manipulation. "You're my everything"
because I love you, I respect you because I love you, I won't just say sorry after a push  ill go to my anger management group because I love you, I won't say that you've got to let Joshua go
I love watching you grow and become the amazing individual that you are, I love watching you become independent and learn from your experiences,
Because I love you I don’t say I love you I know you can’t say it back right now. Right now The words are stuck inside our throats Like stones.
The Seas And the Skies The color In his eyes Your hue makes me warm You’re a thunderstorm He holds the moon dear
Warm mouths intertwining Heated by the yellow sun Melting into one It was beginning to be Too much Too fast
for Sofia   Last night you came over Slept over On a school night The next morning We walked in hand in hand And I got looks from my friends
If you are a seedlet my love be your water,andyour sun.I know that you are destinedto rise,and I am devotedto your growthbecause,I love you. And I'd wishfor you,to bloom,into a flower.  
A healthy relationship is butterflies of joy and excitement not fear and sadness A healthy relationship is sharing my feelings, open and honest not hiding everything so you don't get mad
It’s the little things…. Like the way you play with my hair to ease me to sleep, Or how you brush it out of my face, look into my eyes, with yours so full of joy, before you kiss me.
I love who I am, I love who you are, I love who we are together; Together as friends, together as one, sentient as two, in hopes of forever. I love how we have grown as friends, maybe becoming even more;
Even silence is ecstasyYour heartbeat in my ear, a steady drum.Monumental or minimal calamitiesUntil my breathing levels,your fingers comb my hair.  Your hand in mine, a rushed societal defianceBut you are unabashedly in love.Fierce pride in your
  “Because I love you.”I mutter. I’m not hungry. The thought of food disgusts me. I eat anyway.       “Because I love you.” I whimper. I’m curled in bed early.
I want to be near you because I love you. I give you space because I love you.   I am always available because I love you.
"Look at me beautiful," you say gently, as you wipe away my tears, or hold my shaking hands. I look up to meet your eyes           flooding with love           flooding with concern
You taught me to wait Because you said I love you back You taught me that it was okay to accept apologies When your actions were like a song stuck on a broken track.   Because I loved you  
What to look for in the next person you love.
I am Spring, 2013 You were in a coma Accidental drug overdose I felt like I died   I am Fall, 2013 Things got better For everyone but me You see, I got worse  
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