Me, Myself, and I

I was once told I'd make someone else very happy

As if their happiness meant more than mine

As if i was put here 

On this vast world

to make someone elses heart beat;

To make it race;

Faster than my own


I find myself tripping over the thoughts of him

For I've come to the relization

the only healthy relationship that truly matters to me

Is the one that lies between Me, Myself, and I


I've found solitude in the forest,

As it helps me clear my head,

and organize the thoughts that i can no longer house in the bags under my eyes


And as a white crane carries itself to the water

so do I

rippled with reality

I see the version of me i took so long to create

And cleanse myself from the distorted versions i had made before


This poem is about: 
Our world


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