Right Now

Because I love you

I don’t say I love you

I know you can’t say it back right now.

Right now

The words are stuck inside our throats

Like stones.

But instead of weighing us down,

I’m being carried away by the knowledge that it's only for

Right now.  

I don’t say that I love you

Instead I hold you tighter,

Kiss you harder,

And tell you to be careful driving home.


I won’t tell you I love you

I will kiss the back of your hand

And run alongside you because you have long legs

And I want to keep up.

Not just with your body.

I want to keep up with the face paced thoughts

That race through your magnificent mind and out your mouth.


I can’t tell you I love you

So instead

I will memorize the light blue of your eyes

Your golden, sun kissed skin

And the wonderful curls in your hair.

And when someone asks me about you

I won’t say that I love you

Right now.

Right now, I will say that you’re beautiful.


Because I love you

I don’t have to say I love you

I tell you every day

By squeezing your hand

kissing you goodnight

And telling you to sleep well.


I’ll tell you in the morning.


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