Because I love you, trust is an absolute must.


Because I love you I can be strong and vulnerable; 

I can be me, and not someone i think you may want to see. 

I know that is what you love about me. 

And because I love you I don’t want you to be someone you think I want you to be.


Because I love you we won’t always agree, and that’s ok; I know you won’t flee. 


Because I love you I will try new things so I can share your joys; but because I love you I will also leave you to your things so you can share them with just the boys.  


Because I love you I can say I need my space and don’t have to race to see you. 

Because I love you, I want you to say you need your space, 

and we will still have our place in each others’ hearts. 

Because I love you, we are good together and apart.


Because I love you I will respect and support your choices. 

I will always listen, care, and be there, because I love you, I am here.


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