Little Things

It’s the little things….

Like the way you play with my hair to ease me to sleep,

Or how you brush it out of my face, look into my eyes, with yours so full of joy, before you kiss me.

It’s the way you pull me close when we cuddle for movies, not suffocating but fitted enough to let me know it is okay to fall asleep before the movie even begins.

Or how you never take your eyes off the road but you slowly search for my hand in the car when we go on an adventure.

It’s the way you love and care for the boys, every ideal characteristic I see in a man.

Or how you are loyal to a fault, even when people don’t deserve it.

It’s the way you remember all the little details I didn’t think you heard me say or the things I’d do in my past when I didn’t truly know you.

Or how you get me to talk when I’m scared to say anything for fear of revenge or crossing that line.

It’s the way you twitch when you begin to fall asleep.

Or the way you lightly snore.

It’s the way you smile, so genuine and true, no hidden agenda to be seen in the reflection of your eyes.

Or the way you laugh at all the “stupid” things I do, never cruel or condescending, just sincere in loving my vulnerability.

It’s the way we joke together, no fear of retaliation or hurt, just an achy belly emptying all the laughs of inside tales.

Or how you know not to cross that line, that way I don’t shut down and become frightened or triggered.

It’s your drive and ambition to meet the goals you have for life, planning what’s most important.

Or the way you support my dreams and goals, even if they seem impossible to reach.

It’s the safety I feel being close to you and the beating of my heart

Or the fact I was too afraid to ever tell you out loud “I love you”, nevertheless you still seemed to know.

It’s all the things that I haven’t got to discover.


It’s you. 

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