Know Your Worth

You do not deserve to be mocked.

You are worth more than that.


People do not get to take your success from you.

You earned that.


Your beautiful soul should not be broken by the words that they say.

You are stronger than that.


You shouldn't have to be pressured to be perfect.

Being you is enough.


They do not have the right to touch you when you don't want them too.

Your body is yours.


You have the right to socialize with who ever you want.

Not just who people pick for you to talk too.


You are entitled to not be lied too.

Don’t let their lies pull you in.


You deserve encouragement and someone to talk to.

You shouldn’t have to be ignored.


You deserve people respecting your boundaries.

Physically and mentally.


You should be supported in everything that you do. ‘

Not just things that interest them.


Know your worth.

For you are worthy of an exceptional life.



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