Because Love

I find joy walking in the rain with you.

The wind brings a biting chill

And the water droplets sink into my clothes.

The sky is a flat, endless gray.

Puddles soak my shoes


Nothing about being outside while it’s raining seems tempting to me.

But when you smile and the overcast sky

Reflects off your lit up eyes

I know that I would walk in the rain every single day.


Listening to music with you is breathtaking.

Your taste in music can be described as sometimes


By anyone’s standards.

You crank up the volume anyway.

The singers whisper, yell, mutter, scream, hiss, and everything in between.

The instruments and music tracks bellow and bang in the background.

But then,

Your shoulders start to shake and your hips sway.

You fingers tap and your feet stomp.

You hum quietly.

The greatest thing is when you open your mouth and start to sing.

You take my breathe away.

Voice is filled with elation or rage or sarcasm or sadness.

You are a capsule of emotion that is opened when you sing,

And you trust me enough to let me hear it.


You do not find the most comfortable things

To be the most pleasant.

You are delighted by things that I can not see any goodness in.

But you smile or laugh or sing or talk

Because you are happy.

You do those things for and with and because of me,

And it makes me feel like the luckiest person alive.

Because I love you.

And I smile or laugh or sing or talk for and with and because of you.

You sit in the sun and you watch my favorite movies with me and

You accept and value me

Just as much as I do you.

Because you love me too.

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