A Vegetable Garden of Emotions

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 20:02 -- samb16

As a child my mother always told me, "That's very unhealthy." 

as I dumped sugar and sodium laden foods into my stomach.

She suggested I choose low-calorie meals, guided me to exercise,

encouraged me to earn good grades, and helped me perfect my style.

However, she never gave me the advice that would've been worthwhile.


I could've used a manual for the ins and outs of love,

a guide for how to live when your heart beats for another.

Communication, trust, respect, TLC, all this and more.

Tips to a long and happy relationship would be priceless information 

as I got older and developed a romantic relation.


I fell in love with the one who made me feel

as if I was seeing the world in colors for the first time.

I was the boat and you were the lighthouse. 

We found solace in each other, a safe haven in our arms.

Falling hard, fast, completely for your charms.


Because I love you I strive to be the best version of me.

We are novelists, always communicating how we feel.

Actions speak louder than words, which is why I'm sure you love me.

Mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual affection,

you encourage me to head in the right direction.


Supportive even when you doubt,

honesty even when you are ashamed, 

kindness even in anger,

all these are qualities that I can see in you.

All these are qualities of a healthy relationship too.


Exercise may make my body strong,

but it could never make my heart beat as fast as you do.

Just as we cannot survive without our vitamins,

we cannot survive without finding these qualities in another.

Healthy relationships build us up, whether it be a friend or lover.

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