I love who I am, I love who you are, I love who we are together;

Together as friends, together as one, sentient as two, in hopes of forever.

I love how we have grown as friends, maybe becoming even more;

I will not let that change us, even if two needs to befriend three or four.

In this love that we'll share throughout our entire days, months, and years;

Feel comfort and safety with me; and tell me all your dreams and fears.

With my love, and my friendship, I'll be here to listen with great passion: concern;

I will never hurt you, only respect you, from mistakes in our past I will learn.

If there is something we disagree on, whether true or false proven;

I won't, nor do I want you, to feel the need to behooven.

No matter your words, or sensitive feelings, I won't belittle or betray you;

This love and our friendship is more important than anything our peers do.

I will keep this love sacred, I'll be honest, trustworthy, and true;

Tell me a secret, say something doltish, or unsound; it'll stay with me and you.

Though we get closer than ever, we may choose separate paths for our lives;

Time may have to come between us, however I'll show you support and empathize.

All  the friendship and love we have shared in this perplexed time together;

I still love who I am, I still love who you are; our love and friendship will be forever.




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This poem is about my best friend Brian and me. We've been best friends for a long time, and I'd like to dedicate it to him. Thanks Brian for your love, frienship and support.

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