Painted With Pain


Seton Hill University
United States

I am Spring, 2013

You were in a coma

Accidental drug overdose

I felt like I died


I am Fall, 2013

Things got better

For everyone but me

You see, I got worse


I am Winter, 2013

I was in love

He hit me

But he's sorry, it won't again


I am Spring, 2014

Empty, but full of pain

Hating myself

And showing it with scars


I am Summer, 2014

We rebuilt a house

I found God

And started to rebuild too


I am Spring, 2015

I relapsed again

But this time

He was there to hold me


I am Summer, 2015

He said he loves me

Scars and all

And sang to me all night


I am Fall, 2015

Clean for 6 months

This boy doesn't hit me

And we're planning on forever


I am living in the present

Because my past hurts

But that's okay

It's made me 

Who I am

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