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Hey you, come join our squad You’ll be so great, the audience most definitely will applaud…   ...For us. We’re a team You better believe we’ll shine bright and gleam  
Adornamos la sala con embras; vino, rojo, negroEs un carnival de color snip,    snip,         snippasa me otra Cuidado!agara la tijera firmejala los hilos sueltosmira, asi
It's not fair, It's not right, I lost power, I lost might. One's eight Who can't skate One's two Who never knew. The little one's Not yet one, He just wants To have fun.
As birthdays pass by, I start to reflect my memories on the past years more and more. I am getting older, and so is everyone around me including my parents
people feeling a different kind of way now that you say what you say reputation is everything and you took mine away
I look you in the eyes and I don't feel a thing anymore Love changed and it just doesn't feel the same anymore  It’s to the point where I stopped trying to force what’s not there anymore
Through my darkest days, poetry was there I remember writing poetry when I was scared People treated me like I didn't belong here I remember asking myself "why is life unfair"? I thought about running away
Dear Sperm Donor…
Open your eyes before the crack of dawn Venture into the cold morning Travel to an even colder place A place where hope goes to die And creativity is supressed Wjere your freedom is snatched away
The first time i heard the words ´i love you´ was also the first time i saw my mother cry the way this person told me´i love you´ made it sound as if they were telling the truth
There were empty spaces between us And I couldn't tolerate them anymore 
I come from the city that never sleeps, NYC, city where gentrification stimulates broken dreams, but evidently it's not as awful as it seems,
Glassed inbetween two mirrors that stare shame inside, Worlds are closing black that shuns any air fading in. Red defines beauty and guilt inside one's rusted garden. Flowers wither away among the windless souls
Those who have always stood by,Have never stood up.Head down.Arms crossed.Stay safe,Stay alive.When they heard the cries they stepped aside.“It’s not my place”This is how they justified.Head down. Arms crossed.Stay safe,Stay alive.When they saw th
Who exactly is better than the sorry criminal on 12th street? Definately not the sorry criminal
A Droplet - A Concoction of BrineFlows from the Foreboding;A Hansel of DistressA Signal of Fear.Swivels and SwervesCreeping and CrawlingClink Clank against each StrandDripping from Down Under;
You say we are selfish That we are spoiled and it's eating youth. You say that it's hard, that we should just learn the truth. When you were in our positions, what's it feel like to cough 24/7?
Lady in black Pretty and fair Don't dare look back There's pain and suffering there   Lady in black Silent and scared The cards are stacked And shame haunts the air  
My bones were feeble My breath had weathered My voice can be heard as a bare, cracked whisper And I listen at how fragile we are... For which my lungs, they were thirsty for air
they look at me and all agree they think im a stuck up white girl like, "she probably gets all her shit for free" ive got blonde hair, blue eyes. and my skintone is real white
  I wasn’t allowed to play with Legos. Santa never brought me a PS3. I was never allowed to walk home from school. I was never taught how to change the oil in my car. I’m never asked to carry things.
This.  Life, it isn't right.  It's difficult and messy,  Don't want to count my blessings,  but I know that I have them.  Sometimes though,  I feel alone.  Slowy swirling around on my own. 
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
Education is my love, to embark on a journey of truth revealed Understanding the facts and using those facts in life to change the world
if only everyone knew if only everyone had their experiences if only everyone understood if only, if only.
Flaming red eyes, torn clothes at the thighs, and cuts and bruises that seemed to multiply, but still their lips whisper in sync " She lies! She lies! " But she only tells the truth She is only but a youth
Every Friday and Saturday You go and drink You go and dance You go and loose your mind   Being far from home Far from rules Far from reality Far from truth  
I'll explain, and I'll try not to weep as I speak. But please listen, and don't ridicule me. Things occur for a reason just like the transitions in every season. The love I have for Him has sprouted up, and will not wilt.
Hush little girl, and rest in me
Oh, you hate men? Why would you be a feminist? All guys aren't like that..That's so unfair.
Faded kissesKisses fadeOr rather vanish as it sits behind big ass lust in the shade,When we first kissedI knew it was going to be "it is what it is"Type of relationshipBut I let my feelings fall
She takes flight. All the light in those babydoll eyes. Broken. Soars away from these hardships. Tender hands burned. In this seemingly painless discuise. Don't leave me in the darkness.
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
College leads to wealth and success in the future That’s what they tell you But for my future All I see, is debt Accruing, accruing until there’s nothing left “Oh but there’s scholarships, and grants too”
My life is unusual I hate myself completely, if my life were a story I would just delete me    I'm dramatic nd mad Im never fully happy, my only emotion being anger, nd attitude nothing less than crappy  
My generation Only knows hate Because it's all we've seen.
He stands alone In a small empty room. Behind him, scrawled in big, ugly letters are two short words: TOO STUPID He cowers, his lip trembles
Hey Johnnie Give me your lunch money Hey Johnnie Give me change for the bus Hey Johnnie Your locker rent is due Hey Johnnie There's a toll to get to class Hey Johnnie
Genuises everywhere. Slightly different, however. Judging ... Everyone won't be able to climb a tree. Genuises everywhere. Slightly different, however. Living ...
Love and school and work and love. Ever feel like your life as a teenager is just too much? You love, and you work and you love, but in reality in will never be enough. Love hurts And work hurts more.
Talking to my mothers graveUsed to be the hardest thing everI would just cry my eyes outThinking she would be back never
  Sh! t you can’t say to your teacher!       Dearest teacher,   Can you please learn to put in your grades on time? I don’t care that you have a wife
  I'm so confuse alone and a mess, I'm sitting in this fucking desk staring at my messy grades, there worst then a wreck where can i reset?   These teachers don't help,
I just want to run, run, run.
I think a thought that's full of things,
  Administration claims to be unbiased, “Everyone will succeed.” That may be true; But, not by the likes of you.   And the Award goes to, We mutter a name under our breath.
    I am a student at Space Coast High School,
Hiding behind my books, slumped over my desk Head down in defeat, as I stumble over each word
The homework papper cuts us dry, sitting in your office to hear you cry. guess nobody wore cloths today, i did'nt join in, they called me gay. kids ask me "you got somthin to say?",
Poor Kids in Bangladesh   Poor kids in Bangladesh; sweat, tears, heat, fears. Poor kids in Bangladesh.  
I look at the kid in row 3, whose sweat is dripping while he taps his feet. Dyslexia is causing him the pain of deciding whether the answer is 89 or 98. Our teacher just sits in the back of class, while the kid in row 3 fails math.
Stop telling me to shush We’re not in the third grade You’re not my mother  You can’t control what I say …or maybe you can When I get a bad grade You tell me not to be scared to ask why
Given the chance, I would take a stand, And tell you that you’re wrong. Given the chance, I would make you listen To the frustration you cause me.
Every dog will have his day At least that is what they say But this often isn't true Those most deserving are neglected what they are due No good deed goes unrewarded
Is it any wonder, Why it's hard to wake up. The repetitive mornings, What do we have to look forward to? Everyday is the same. A monotonous environment No spontaneity. 
The world is round, there is no denying, you can sit on the ground and keep smiling, while everything around you is quickly dying.
I'm not just a number,  I sit here and wonder, Does my teacher even know my full name? I don't care about your personal problems. I'm having high school problems with a teacher who thinks I'm a grade.
As if their concentration camps weren't enough, Now they have to shove big guns in our faces. They do not care if we cry, They do not care if we die. All they care about is extinguishing our religion and race.
When I was in eleventh grade, I had an English teacher who made me want to be a teacher... because she was so useless that I didn’t learn nothing from her.   Well, I guess that’s not exactly
Stressed, sweaty palms, have I mentioned I hate tests? I've literally done great all year, better than my best. Great grades, perfect attendence, and always on time, But the term "neccessary evil" is what comes to mind.
Take a second to breathe, to listen. To hear the laughing and the whispering. I get it, we all do, it's old news. I'm gay, yes it's true. Yet you don't understand, acting rude and all whack.
Rude remarks and unfair words pushed out her evil, snarky smile. She mocked us with hateful words with the most caring tone. Never would she raise her voice or give a scowl, Yet she tortured us with her smile.
A dream is supposed to be love and keen but a dream deferred can prevent even the craziest dream Will you let color, age or sex defer your dream? or will you trust, believe, love and achieve,
  Up all night worried about this moment.  I just need to pass. I stare at the students faces as the each get their paper back. One by one relief, fear, stress all fretting over this one measly test.
Kids are steadily drooping out of school Selling drug, hang in gangs becuase they think it's kind of cool The list of the problems that are wrong with America Will have these kids rolling off into hysteria
You say that the Civil War ended slavery, Then decry corporations as practicing such, Driving their "employees" into the ground, Hypocritical Much? But as I recall, Over all, Corporations don't chain
Ridiculous the way you all try to tell us that tests will define us align us  along your lines which we  are not allowed to cross. Ridiculous the way that they tell
Knees are buckled tied, looking face down Creaks and crackles pray you're still lingering around Officer says "let's go for a ride"... Let's go for a ride in the black and blue tide
Childish are the thoughts of the white man as he runs around is playground called Earth. Free he feels; and full of life as he spreads his arms and pretends he is an airplane; dodging the clouds and the fog.
When life gives you lemons you make lemonade When life gives you cruelty you turn into a renegade Opressed by the powerful and feared of the mighty Fearing on what tommorow might bring
A fight to fight A will to win A loss and all its strife A maiden bane An iron chain A cosmic blow to life A thought profound A mind unbound A song to set you free A voice to quell
So i've heard that all is fair in this thing of love in war. But in reality people fight dirty, nothing is fair anymore. Our love is stolen, sometimes never given back. We give it away so much, we eventually lose track.
Today Let's define Analyze Memorize Then take a test A big old test Because the state tells me to. Fill in the bubbles Write meaningless words, skipping lines We've been programmed
Education is hypocritical Education is inconsistent Saying one thing but meaning another
For every hero there is a villain, There is a win in ever lost, Just as the poor and rich are binned by thought, One has to fall, For another's strive, Often conflicted by truth, Deceived by lies,
You promised a chance A moment to prove, To leave all out on the court There is nothing to lose. Yet alone here I sit Observing, lightheaded, voice sore, The encouragement failing
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