Brains Don't Grow in a Cage

I think a thought that's full of things,

but things don't fit your project requirements. 

I draw outside the lines and rules.

Though beautiful, you still fail my imaginationtive creations

and pass the monotonous thoughts of robots. 

One plus two can equal three

If you're playing in the land of black in white.

But in the field of kaleidoscopic dreams where I lay my so called nurtured head,

Numbers can be letters and my opinion isn't wrong.

Fact is fiction when you're on the opposite side of the arugment

so does that make my open mind fiction

to your closed motherboard mind?

Your lighthearted efforts to mold me into a professional mediocre

only dampens my desire to become what I am going to be.

So I have a question to the teachers of tomorrow's students today:

Do you realize the amount of tortue students endure

to fit into the picture frame of scholarly achievement

that you build around and block out their hopes with

condescending lectures

subject tests and

opinionated rubrics.

Einstein once said,

"If you judge a fish

on its ability to climb a tree,

it will live it's whole life

believing that it is stupid."

This is true, but I would add

that if you judge a brain by it's ability to retain

it will live it's whole life believing it is uncapable of anything

except what you wish it to be. 

Life is full of unhappy people

becaue brains don't grow in a cage. 




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