1 A.M. Thoughts

I just want to run, run, run.
Find the space I seek so many days in a row.
Get away from the world, while I can;
- before it begins to show.
Before the smile literally falls from my face,
replaced by an unending nothingness. 
- A sense of dullness.
As I become numb, on the inside and out.
A rapid obliteration of thoughts
completely removing oneself,
set in this state of unknown origin.
Physically and emotionally, As it hurts to breath.
As it hurts to smile...
And all the while, a pain around my heart
- the consistency of the very life being squeezed out.
I want to jump and scream, shouting at the world;
make a fist and punch the air, anger unfurled;
scrape back the layers and search for a cure;
discover why the world is unfair.


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