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The piece missing from every puzzle And when found  I don't fit Some will try hard To press their thumbs  Jamming me in and out of every corner Where I was not made to be So many pieces,
You don't feel safe Within those walls You're ridiculed and teased For being different and strange   They found something
There's a bullet hole Here in this brain Don't look too close You'll scream in pain. I live through this, Everyday But no one sees, So I don't say a thing. There's metal beams.
I sit alone in this class so cold with my head bowled and feeling low. These feelings that run through my brain by day, my veins by night are the feelings of rejection, pain and fright.
When I woke up today It didn't feel like it was in my bedroom  I was doomed  In a cage  But the keys are in my hands It's strange Am I afraid?  No, but they keep judging me And my pain
Outcast you may call me. If that what it has to be. I will not change my ways. Because you can't accept, what is happening these days. It is not a crime for me to love.
I wish I was normal. I wish I was just like you. Well, maybe not “JUST” like you, but close enough. Close enough to fit in like you. Close enough to blend in with the crowd
I’m praying for a troubled girl,who wishes for a change.Everyday she feels different,everyday she feels strange.
Dear Society,
They think I’m awesome Of course they do I’ve got all the answers And I’ll give them to you   For free, like my heart
Rotten Apples  Rotten Apples I’m the apple at the bottom of the tree I smoke a joint by myself I married Mr. Lonely I got boogers in my nose  I got cheese between my toes Rotten Apples
I am seventeen, Latina, born in San Juan. I went to school there then here. I am the only Latina in my class.
My name is... Well who cares, anyway? Who has truly cared as to whether or not my mouth formed words? I was an outcast, A weirdo, A lame boy, Geek, Nerd, Goggles...
There is this girl Who can´t help but Feel like an outcast Even in a room of people Where she is supposed  To be able to be herself  She calls herself the outcast the outcast, the outcast
simply suffer in silence  as solitude seeks me out  my mind is full of violence  but against these thoughts i shout  falling deep in day dreams  i find the pain there doesn't count  your fine, 
This darkness of mine is not worthy of my home’s beauty And you care not, for in you there is no darkness at all. You know not of the rolling hills that I sat and longed for mutely.
NOT NEEDED   I came in this world as a reject. No one wanted me and no one needed me.  But then one day.... That one day.  I found an outcast kind of like me. 
SMOOTH IS AS SMOOTH DOES ========================== Dedicated to: The Classmate of Political Science II Fall 1996
Skipping class cause I ain’t got time for this. I got too many vines to watch. Too many boys to kiss and twerk videos to make.
You mask your hellBecause no one understoodYet you open to one personA stranger who came from the shadowsSomeone who doesn't know human conditionsBut you felt close to them
Wreckage of my life Remains through time Ever crumbling Touching my mind. Caught in my head Hell in the words unsaid Eternaly burning for Dead and broken dreams.  
We are called by many names: Nerd Geek Dork Freak Loser Wallflower Loner Nobody   Faces without names, Smiles to hids pain, Walls to defend shaken spirits
I'm surround by close minded individuals + heartless souls.  No one really vibes with me. No one really fucks with me.  No one can understand the gold + wisdom that comes from my tongue.  Day in and day out. 
I see them together.
What do you do when your house doesn’t feel like home? What do you do when you don’t connect with your family? You sit stranded on your own little island pretending it’s alright. But it isn’t.
I am but a sidewalk, perhaps one less traveled by.
Once I forgot the tune to a song  once I got my spelling words wrong once in PE I fell on my face 
I don't want to hide.
This is my facade My mask, my security My assuracnce of no judgement I walk around, unhappy Not okay with who I really am I pretend to like guys, and only guys
Everyone wears a mask. It's as if we're all at a ball. Who are you really? I may never know.
Please. Please. Listen to me. I'm sorry, for lying--
I've always thought of being a person doing a lot of things. The world was my oyster and I have the capabilities to do anything I set my mind to
I move through the halls with barely a glance. People won't talk to me, won't give me a chance. They hardly notice if my appearance I enhance. I am not a ghost.   I spend most of the day inside my head,
Have you ever felt like you're in the shadows waiting for your time to shine? Have you ever felt like you're tumbling over, caught on the borderline?
Violence, much happens to people who keep silence  Oppression led the oppress to depression One gun can kill many sons  Teenage girls are confused, all bruised 
Tiffany This isn’t what I wantedMy weakness brings me closer to you
Her eyes have witnessed horrorsIn the darkest of nights and the brightest of daysIf you'd look within them deep enough They would give all her secrets away
You broke my heart when you sai goodbye You made me cutt and want to die You told me you love me and that you cared You even got me a cute teady bear I gave you my heart And you tore it apart
i look at this blank page; or I I try to see bend the words Flowing from my own pen I look and I won't see the the truth in the words I write- I will look and I won't see that my mind is in a fight
AS darkness takes over my plea is to be free, but all it does  is take over me. I hope for a candle, but no, it's to bright. so instead, I search for the right. You are in my darkness,
Everyday I wonder why Everyday I look into your eyes I see what I don't want to be Everyday I picture a dream in my head One so profound I feel as if it can never be crushed
I had met with an angel. Here's what he had said: Love me forever, and it costs but one small thing a life, fleeting a soul-less little thing your soul I ask to bring. I had met with that angel
Every day, I fake a smile, I look at the world through dead eyes, I slice up my wrists, And I bruise my thighs, They beckon to me, The colorful pills, The nylon rope, The loaded gun,
Why is it that when you lose a love your heart breaks, if love is just a chemical addiction produced by our brains? Why does it feel like your thoracic cavity is hollow,
A stranger... A feeling... True or not Days, Months, Years... Friends, Best friends, lovers... One day, eyes are on her Slowly Slowly dissapear infront... of my eyes...
Some will never know the joy but only the end they'll never see the light when the light has dimmed
Veins open wide Is all she can remember
I'm not o
 once had a friend. Her name was Joy.
as it swayed in soft circles dangling upside down from my ceiling fan, i watched through tears as the carnations wilted white petals penetrated the darkness of my room.
Whispering smiles indent my thoughts as I walk through the halls. Overthinking what's past and what's present has been known to ruin me. Every move I make causes my conscience to stutter.
It’s still so hard To just wake up Each and every day. It’s hard to know A simple life can Make me feel this way. I’ll put on a face I’ll make believe. Somehow I’ll be okay,
The ocean level rises
I cause pain I cause distress Take me out.   I cause heartache And I cause stress Take me out.   I fell asleep And hoped I never would wake up Take me out.  
Not a Nobody   This story rings true To me and you A story of a kid Who thought he knew
Lonesome softly pounds Whispers sweet sounds Waits until day it ends Paces and it depends It asks for me to wait Afraid I decide my fate And I never make a change Alone we never do gain
  She awoke to hear him bid good morning She slept to hear him say good night But as the tide rolled in and washed him away She faded into the darkness today And time it screeched and cried
Rain obscures my tears   It drowns my sorrows and fears  
All of a kids high school years, are spent in fear, fear that he'll get picked on because he's fat, walking down the hallways and hears them, pointing, laughing, all for a joke, he sits there and wishes he could choke, every single one of them.
People say mean things they say I'm not good enough say I'm ugly or dumb   sometimes they are right  sometimes I am dumb enough to listen to the hateful words  
The girl walks down the long hall. She keeps her eyes trained on the ground as she feels their stares burning holes through her. They look her up and down, judging her face, judging her clothing.
“Depression”   I’m tired of wearing the painted grin That mocks me and all of my sin. The pain of my soul and my mind
You say that I've changed but you're the reason i'm so cold. Get out of my head, the fights quickly get old. You've made me so heartless something I knew nothing of. Once you broke my heart,
Isolate yourself then ask why you're so lonely. Tell you how I think, now I feel like a phony. These poisons were shared over and over before,  between you and I,  this darkness we tore.
I know it won't be different
The quiet darkness that slipped in through the tiniest slits and sat growing and festering,  Has all but swallowed me whole. Thick black curtains sequestering the light with in my soul. 
Such a beautiful soul Flying free Soaring over mountains Limitless as can be   No one can bring her down
Such a beautiful soul Flying free Soaring over mountains Limitless as can be   No one can bring her down
I dream in black and whiteI bleed the color of your eyes All I can see is your lipsGently glazing over mine As the sun setI saw my rose petals in the flame
You were taken too soon my friend And I sit here and wonder  Why your life had to end Like the rolling of thunder    My one regret is not responding In the month of November
For Kathy, the girl who managed to break my heart. Thanks for the memories.  
drifting through time with no one to be why cant anybody see me? i do my best for all to see but no one notices me im in all the plays and all the pictures
The Dark that cones, the dark that rises. The darkness that is the light, in all my wrong doing. If you protect me from myself, your protecting me from THE DARKNESS.
I need faith, for i am faithless, the demons in my dreams. the darkness in my heart, there is no light in my heart. what i don't understand,
Love you "say" but its not true. Its just another word for "forget you" Told me you love me, told me you cared. But why arent you standing here? You made it up didnt you? just to fill in the blank.
Let not your world change to gray Even if you have shut them all away It's not your fault
Our lives are such a mess
Sins of a father
We all deal with monsters, Monsters in our heads, Monsters in our bodies. Depression, Scizophrenia, Rymitoid, CRPS. The monsters kill us, Inside and out, To the point of no return,
Broken pieces Shattered heart My life just seems to fall apart But there's nothing that I can do Hiding what's inside showing what's not really there and Leaving behind my feelings for you
The cold blade that's pressed to my throat,
THE HARDEST TIME OF MY LIFE Everybody try to understand But I didn’t want you to I don’t think you can comprehend
I don’t understand why it is so hard For you to suck up your ego for 2 seconds and let your guard down You see I need some answers because the pain is back. It isn’t pulsating and waking me at 2:43 am
Outside my windowa chorus grows
Please don't lose yourself in your wild, untamed mind.
I stare at the mirror. Ugly! I blink back tears. Fat! I know it's not true. Don't I?   I look fine. Hidden under clothes! People think I'm cute. They pity you!
Like a breath of cold air, i am lonely with fear,this pain i feel ,i just can't bear,it is painful enough to kill,ones fragile heart,Like a breath of cold air,to repair the heart,that was taken apart,by one careless words,by me taking out this bla
He'll tell you he loves you. He'll talk real sweet. You'll think he loves you. You're just a piece of meat.   First, there's denial. He wouldn't do that. He cared about me once.
In my short 16 years of life I've put myself into some crazy situations.
when it breaks it doesn't make a sound there is no indication of its condition it just gives in, falling prey to the repetitive oppression of day after day after day.  
Little teacher in the front I wish I could say what I want Like how I’m tired from the night before From all the things I’m expected to endure Tossing, turning, sleep-deprived Everything’s okay, mommy lied
Babe I know you’re asleep
I needed you like I needed poetry..
She looks in the mirror who she sees is not who she is.
I feel it on the inside. I feel it in my soul. I feel this certain something that makes my body whole.
With every hit no one can explain
The chosen people Waiting for the Messiah Will one day be free
  He cost her too much Without much luck with their love She left, said goodbye
the world is not perfectly spherical
I feel nothing. The world is nothing to me. I take steps, never feeling the ground below me. I touch hands, never feeling the electric energy flowing through our meeting. I speak words, that make no noise. I hear sounds, that have no volume.
Tears are streaming down his eyesUnder the desk lays a broken boyEmptiness contains an empty roomNobody asks the question why Under the desk lies the broken boyHe screams in pain
My shell has cracks..
I haven’t met that guy that’ll turn my life around Show me the light with every gentle caress That has a smile that can warm a million cold hearts The laughter of sweet innocence and happiness
Personal Lyrics? I'll give you some personal lyrics. Dissed by my class 'cause I'm not actually hip making me release a full clip of emotions onto this paper but I guess I now no longer mind be labeled the quiet stranger
I wanna run away Away from all the hurt and pain Painful mistakes and irony misplaced Crying................  That is all I know  
A lot of people wonder why I’m so concerned on listening to people’s problems and respecting people.
A dot .
Soon flowers will growin the deepest and saddest partsof you and you'll bloom
You will always have people in your life that test you There will always be people there to knock you down It may seem that all the negative people are stuck to you like glue
It's the absence of warmth.The familiarity of a hand upon your shoulder.It's departure leaving all but an imprint.
I turn my head to my conscious,
I know you think about situations and say, "That would never be me." You say I  could never be that girl that's acting all fast as if she has no home training" or
Close ur eyes go under luke warm water an stay there for 5 minutes  thats how life was for me  'picture a darkness that is trying to take over  think of trying to scream i cant hear 
My life is a book full of adventure and disappointment,
It's real as real gets honestly,
Wrote this in the wee hours of the morning, sort of in a trance like state.
There's a quiet thunderstorm inside my head, the thoughts strike across my brain, neurons illuminate with light, transmitting more than what is visible by sight. There's a quiet thunderstorm inside my head.
My sister is a musicianWho plays only out of sight
Thoughts are racing through her mind When you ask her if she's all right All she says is, "I'm fine"   You shake your head and reply, "okay" The silence echoes in your brain
Writing all of my feelings Will relieve me from all these teasings That will make me jealous in life. I just wanted a better life, But yet, I won't be anybody's wife
They judge before they get to know me, they see an alien not a human being. I am a threat to society, so they say, yet all I ever do is stay the same.
Maybe I’m
we all have a calling in life a purpose, a mission lost in darkness, soon there'll be light our future is based on our decisions  the journey will be hard hold onto your faith  follow your heart
Tears fill up my lungs
My anger pours out as I scream for some release. I want to be gone and away from this beast. Nothing I say is ever enough for you. I cannot be content as long as I'm being used. Set me free I repeatedly scream.
Despair and darkness have taken over my life This is nothing new I've gone through and put up with a lot of strife What is one more day of hell when your life is a pit of fire? You ruined me
hatred seeps through the streets of the city anger at a wanderer who has done nothing but appear they hate his freedom and lack of care that they must remain bound to daily drugery
In this universe, there’s too much pain From people to people, it’ a non-ending train Trying not to give in time Wasting is not a try Good, bad, jealous, uncaring
Shut off in my little world A dust bunny jumps on by
“I Am From” I am from many nights spent on the pitch, with blood holes and sweat galore, drenched upon its drips.
My feet smell And neglect appears to be my only friend. People hang out and talk with me We share only words Though nothing articulate.
What the hell is wrong with these peopleTreating others way less than equalWe have to fix this nowCause this isn't a movieAnd there won't be a sequelAn ignorant mind is feeble 
Birds fly awayAs the sky turns black and greyMeteors rainBuildings engulfed in flamesPeople are crazed, enraged, and others are afraidExpected to listen to what the TV said
I like to let my imagination run wilder with every darker shade of the night sky, as the sunset melts away onto the other side of the world, like sherbet ice-cream left on the counter for too long.
A gift card was given to me, It was alive not with spending power but with literature, The concept was familiar but I would have to spend the last cent, in order to understand it’s true worth, or its lack their of.
I know I'm a quiet girl, But I still refuse to say words, I'm sorry that I don't speak, But my life right now is too real, Consider what I may feel, Just leave me to zone out please,
Write. From a babe to a child, to a girl, to a...                                                                "Woman". My hand wrote more than any other kind But then, cocky girl pointed out in disgust,
The American Dream Isn't that what we're all looking for?
I liked one thing And horror did it bring I knew he was kidding But he had me bidding They all called me a vampire And of that I did not tire
Love. Love is so much more than just a kiss on the cheek, giving someone a ring, or being on TV because you're a teenager with a baby. Love is something we feel and give, a reason for people to want to live, but who do we share it with?
Outcast. Victim of amassed judgment, Everything defining you is blunted. Hunted. In the triple homicide of mind, body, and soul, Words were the weapon of choice, Words nitrogen cold.
Do you know what it's like To be an outcast Caught somewhere between Wanting to fit in But not will to be One of them?
The wistful wind blows It reminds me of peace Never ending ongoing tranquility Things that are hard to achieve In this society which never sleeps
I still don't know why or how I became an outcast Was it something I did? I used to try I tried very hard I'd change my look, dye my hair, & paint myself with makeup
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