Everyday I wonder

Everyday I wonder why

Everyday I look into your eyes

I see what I don't want to be

Everyday I picture a dream in my head

One so profound I feel as if it can never be crushed

But one day creeps along that just takes it all away

Days pass minutes ticking wasted time doing nothing

Every day I wonder

Is this my final destination

I look into your eyes and wonder if the universe exists in them

I no longer see the vibrant greens anymore

Just the dull brown eyes of my reflection

The indents of skin stretched over bone

I no longer see the future but the ever so dying present

Everyday I wonder when will the next never come

I have been crushed and defeated

Choking on the anxiety bubbling up through my throat

Everyday I wonder does this day have to come

Do I have to face my fears again

Be kicked to the ground again

To be torn to shreds again

Because everyday I wonder

When will the next day never come


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