Masked Soul


Such a beautiful soul

Flying free

Soaring over mountains

Limitless as can be


No one can bring her down

Sucking her back to earth

No one can make her frown

For she is a gleaming seraph

From heaven above

-simply an angel-

On wings of a velvet dove


Such a flawless model

With a heart of gold

She listened to the lush world

Her soul lavishly bold


Alas, she had to hide

Upon the vile earth

Setting all of her love aside,

She’d never show how much she was truly worth


She was forced to wear a mask

To cover all of her beauty

Only one could see through her masquerade

Detecting the agony in her secretive eyes

Now together they will evermore stay

Loving everyday


Do you wear a mask?

Concealing every truth

And turning it into lies

Hide the sparkle of your inner star


Don’t be afraid to shine

Flaunt what you have that isn’t mine

Don’t dare to hide

Your beauty that’s on the inside


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