Personal Lyrics

Personal Lyrics? I'll give you some personal lyrics.

Dissed by my class 'cause I'm not actually hip

making me release a full clip of emotions onto this paper

but I guess I now no longer mind be labeled the quiet stranger

It's cool though because I have my own crew 

that so happen to share the same interest as I do 

Also got my back too. No negative energy here

It's so glad to see

I have people and some family looking after me

I'm socially awkward, no girlfriend, no life just nothin

Scratch that. I live a good life but continuously inversing/ to where

I fell into this loop when I'd rather skip to my end

No guilt into what I write in spite of looking like sins

of lies and contradictions to paradox the contradictions

Well if it's too dark for ya, then let me dim it 

until I'm pinned down by gravity forcing my minf to see

that everyone views me as "the creepiest yet kindest kid you'll ever meet"

but back to contradicitons, the truth is:

I'll spew out more lies than George Bush did.

I can't lie for ish since I'm raised honest not to be fallicious

Ghost nickname been fictitious  cause I'd killed it.


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