I'm not one for rapping

But I feel like it's me your attacking

Judging grudging

Your supposed to be my friends

Oh wait I forgot I'm not apart of the pack

Just the plus one

While you guys say

Hush here she comes

Treating me like an anomaly

While one tells me

Trust me it's not a luxury

I listen because when the one who's fixing

Upset at how I and another get treated

Talking about us behind our backs

Like it's all fine and Handy

Hush and smile

I act dandy

I'm not one for rapping

But I'm busting out rhymes

Like how criminals do crime

Were supposed to be friends

To the end

Yet when I sit people don't want to talk

Well it depends on the topic

Because secrets shouldn't be shared

With the in which there scared

They know I'm proactive

Why are they being so reactive

Unless I'm deactive

While the cats away

The mice will play

There silent whispers

Talking about the misses and mister

They call one friends

Look at this?

It ended

Now look how stupid I look

Now look how hurt he is

Damn man you guys are effed up like shiz

Now u didn't tell him

So apparently it's my burden

She told me and I herd something else

So I didn't tell him

But damn

Wasn't I supposed to be the one he was able to depend


Now look

He most likley wants me gone

But my minds pacing

Heart racing

What the hell did I do

Now out of the blue

I'm screwed?  

If I would have told

I would have been scolded

"If you did it he could have worked and had the chance to be the best boyfriend ever"

You don't understand

He would have worried

Not have been merry

Its a loose loose situation

Now my nightmares have come true

What did I do

I'm sorry he's right

I shpuld have told you

But damn I can't win

This is treating me apart

And instead of being happy

He feels crappy

And I'm automatically the criminal


Love is blind

His heart is broken

Wares this slut so I can make it work

Damn I'm not one for match making

Why was I debating it's all my fault

I wanted to see him happy

Now look how it's turned out

Shit he won't ever talk to me again

With out a doubt

I'm the culprit

Rest in peace

My intuition was right

But I put up a stupid fight

I shpuld have told him

Because she didn't even like him

I should have told him

Because she only agreed to test waters

To see how he would be

To have somebody when she's lonely

I should have told him  

Now he's broken

Why do I carry a burden

Because I know he's the one I love

I can't help him

Because a friend

Can never mend

What vould have been

Especially when

I could have told him

I'm not one for rapping

But the devil is certainly have been attacking


Knowing my weakness

Causing darkness


There goes our friendship

I just herd the door close

In fact it slammed

I was supposed to be there friends

But look how that turned out

Now I'm lonlier than ever with out a doubt

I'm not a criminal

But this situation is critical

I murdered somebody

That person was my trust and his

Now I look like the kid


I was supposed to be the only one he could trust

Now because of what I herd

The little bird

Flew back up

Damn this isn't what I wanted

But that's how it seems


I hate being a teen

Being in between


Being mean

Talking about me

Oh look

I made a scene

But this scene is done

What you did is wrong

I'm out

No doubt

Fly Fly Fly

I'll say

By By By



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