The way it Started and the way it Ended


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United States
30° 52' 3.4428" N, 83° 54' 39.2292" W

Month 1

Happy, loving, inseparable

Completely obsessed with each other


Month 2

Still getting over the initial jitters

Beyond happy

hearts full of joy


Month 3

You said you loved me for the first time

I said it back


Month 4

Inseparable, best friends until the end

Couldn’t be happier


Month 5

We had our first fight

It’s okay, we talked it out


Month 6

You got in some trouble and left school

It’s okay, I’ll stay by your side


Month 7

You’ve changed since you left

You’re getting angrier

It’s okay, I’ll still be by your side


Month 8

We almost broke up

You got angry and couldn’t control it

The first time you hit me

It’s okay, I’ll never leave you


Month 9

We talked and made up

You’re still different

You get mad and yell

Sometimes you even raise your fists at me

It’s okay, I’ll be there for you


Month 10

You gave me a black eye

It’s alright, I’m good with makeup

I can hide it

I’ll help you through this tough time

It’s okay, I forgive you


Month 11

You make me cry every day now

Sometimes I’m scared to be with you

But it’s okay, I understand, you’re just angry

I’ll stay by your side


Month 12

We made it to a year


I still have to hide these bruises,

I still cry every night

But it’s okay, I understand


Month 13

For some reason you left me

and won’t tell me why

Even when you’re not here

I cry every night and dream of you

It’s okay though,

I understand



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