A quiet thunderstorm


There's a quiet thunderstorm inside my head,

the thoughts strike across my brain,

neurons illuminate with light, transmitting more than what is visible by sight.

There's a quiet thunderstorm inside my head.

The weather looks bad to go outside, its dangerous to ponder nonchalantly,

so you stay inside and turn off all the lights,

and wait till the noise stops, you've pushed people away far too long,

you begin to think vividly and lucidly, 

you unflood the water that sank you in place.

And follow a path towards a sunrise with srapes and falls

but continue with a newfound hope.

Finally you have reached a silent top with freezing hands,

this sharp feeling feels like you're free failling.

Of course you don't leap, but your mind is naive.

You have seen brighter days but for now,

bad things seemed like bad things for a while,

but now you see where both sides layed.

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