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In a world that often demands perfection I choose to embrace my own reflection For within me lies beauty and grace A unique spirit that I proudly embrace   I appreciate the strength that lies within
In a world that often demands perfection I choose to embrace my own reflection For within me lies beauty and grace A unique spirit that I proudly embrace   I appreciate the strength that lies within
Let trumpeting elephants 🐘 🐘 praise God. And let roaring lions 🦁 🦁 exalt God. Let mowing cows 🐮 🐮 praise God. And let barking dogs 🐶 🐶
PSALM TWENTY AND ONE OF PRAISE TO MAGNIFY THY LORD GOD, JEHOVAH ORI. 1)I'll adore thy Lord with my whole heart ♥ and I will sing His praise in His sanctuary.
Do you know the importance of teachersThat question is a lesson in itselfHow do you learn to achieve wealthReceive a doctorates or even a black belt There’s a great teacher aroundGreat with a ball or maybe a wrenchThere’s a great teacher aroundPre
I am still,but I move; in my head,
A Beautiful smell dancing around the air resting in our souls and providing peace to our unsettled hearts. A smell that gives and gives, but scarcely do we see who has given us this gift.
People These Days Are SO DAMNED RUDE ... !!?!! And Seem To Think They Should NOT Use ... Words Like THESE These Two ... THANK YOU ... !!! This Gets To Me Doesn't It To You ... ?
I wish the color of my skin was a blessing in society's eyes. Just because I'm not freak'n pale. Maybe, if I was darker I would get more hate. I don't know much about football.
I close my eyes Breathe deeply Feel the breeze wisping through my hair I turn and see you beside me Just sitting there.  
Alone in a crowded room, Searching for someone... anyone, I feel alone in this classroom, I see someone with a nice smile, My hope begins to bloom, The fear grows with each step,
I am one of over 100 You see You are one of only seven I see Five days a week 45 minutes a day
-To all Comedians- The moment you made me laugh I knew I was in love. I fell in love with everything about you. You became my Messiah. My Saviour.
When hearing the phrase "O Captain, My Captain" I can only think of one person to fit this criteria. Robin Williams is and was the only person to accurately portray what it was like to struggle
My most feared tormentor, that hushed sentry Guarded in its webbed domain, transfixed by its prey, Whether it be me or a sly housefly grappling against its threaded prison.  
Your boy has talentI see it in his eyesThat voice carries angels to the skyI wouldn't liePray God on highHear me when I sayHe's gonna make it one day.  
Ariba Hameed All the little points of interest  Give careful consideration  Try not to miss a thing  It's difficult to get it 
Driving down the highway, breeze caressing my locks. Palm trees, blue water, sunshine, Icy mountain tops, and thrill in the cable car. Is there a way to capture these sights?
Thank you. Thank you for every second, every day, every year. Thank you for holding me While I cry, And smiling at me While I laugh. Thank you for your time, your trust, your affection,
Dear girl,   Why are you living like tomorrow won't come? Why are you running from what's already here? Like you're running out of time
Dear my old self, I wish you had the commons sense to do better, but in the end you made me better. Your pure heart and your tender ways, All you need was a little backbone and some base.
Dear Mental Health,         First I would like to say how much I cherish you. You keep me going through good times and bad. You're there no matter if I'm smiling or sad. All that I want
A state of allowing. I like the idea of being pleased in all the ways that excite my senses. Vibrant colors and beauty all around brings joy to my eyes and awe to my atmosphere.
The thought that counts I hold this dear Regardless the gift The intent is clear Loving someone, has no price It's unconditional
You’re far away too far away, and still you’re my best friend. And thoughts of you don’t go away, but I don’t want them to end. And as times progress, with every breath
Can I strip you of the skin you're in? Deep inside lies your value,  but you're veiled by the things you're in. Sinking so deep in materialistic objects, your soul's lost its balance.
Our first kiss felt like a supernova, explosive and iridescent, scattering my universe with cosmic dust.
I asked my mama, Why must we go? She held my small hand and gave it a meek squeeze. "For however long the nights are still cold, and our empty stomachs continue falling asleep, we won't exist anymore.
When the clouds block out the sky I won't forget There's still a sun, a sky after rain I'm still A little flower, letting go Of what I think I know
Why is it that people aren't like trees? When all of a trees leaves fall off it will be just a few months before they replenish. But at people when all of our leaves fall off we are dead. Let me ask you this...
In a world full of noise, you are my music.When I was dropped by the wayside, you gave me hope.In a dark world, you are my light.When I was cold, you warmed me up.Even though I go against your word, you still wish me luck.While I was falling down,
Of all the people I have met over the years You seem to stick on my mind after a few beers You have a good head on your shoulders and a pure soul to your name I hope one day that I have the same
    When do you become me?   Is it when she broke our heart?   Is it when we stayed up for hours with our new friends?  
I have a wonderful neighbor and his name is Joe.He's a person and a friend who I'm proud to know.He's been my neighbor and my friend for twenty years.
Thanks God for letting me wake up today.Thanks God for letting me live another day.Thanks God for letting me have food and not to suffer from starvation.
Do you ever say thank you to Him? "God i just had the best the day,  thank you again." I'm not saying I believe , I'm not saying there's an ounce of Christian in me .
Appreciated by many, cherished by some, loved by a few, I go on in life to learn something new, And I know that if it weren't for you, I'd be lost without a clue. 
Irony plagues my motive for choosing to wake. For rather than snoozing, productivity offtakes. For learning oozes a chance for me to break From my snooze; sleep I am able to shake.  
When I wake up in the morning, The very first things my eyes see as they open Is a blue like an aged Forget-Me-Not. My mind is a blank slate, hardly able to be written on
Simplicity brings about the sweetest of feelings: love. It can be watching cats play or seeing couples hand-in-hand, the small occurances of everyday life. By feeling the joy of another person's genuine laughter 
I yawn and stretch out on the couch Rubbing at my eyes, colours exploding in a burst
Literature is….!  Boring.   I slept through Kipling, Napped on Dostoevsky, You think I liked Dickens?
Dear nine yr old me You are a Nubian princess Wear your hair Dark and lovely A crown of curly wool On top of your head Do not pale in comparison To the brighter or whiter Your skin radiates Glows as bright as the night sky  Above a flourishing Ede
I became busy with things and stuff I forgot to make time for what was important in life I woke up and it was January the first and everything was starting new, it was cold.
Thank you, Mother The greatest gift you have given me are my sisters and my brothers How many times have you lied to protect us? A day didn't pass by that when we didn't make a fuss
Her heart as deep as the ocean She is mysterious like the other side of the moon Her intellect as bright as the stars Her skin glows like a million suns   She is as fierce asa cheetah 
Eyes wide And stinging With tears Feeling so light And heavy Without fears Warmth growing And fertilized By thanks And gratitude And a smile Quiet but there
Always be thankful Remember, it can always be worse You could have nothing And sadly, go through a terrible curse Life is very fickle Rise up through the air Keep your eyes wide open
We use it for spills, for crumbs, even to whip food from the mouth. I've used it as a book mark, as a keepsake, as a note taker, if you will.  
Ever since I was born into this world You’ve been there holding the hand of your little girl A woman so wise that lights up my day I thank God for sending me your way
When someone calls me appreciative i appreciate it.  With a compliment i reciprocate it. Never have i stopped to think it complicated. This word wasn’t able to be correlated.
Make a noise and make it loud Be black and proud Young black men and young black women Make a noise and let your voice be heard And the world will see how strong we are Wear your hair long and wear it down
passing by the headstones I read each name… i don’t btoher looking at the dates, just the names matter to me… Emily...Scott...Steven… the unending rows upon rows disturb me
I used to think things in the world were backwards. I thought nature had gotten things wrong. Like why shadows had to fall behind us. At one point all I wanted to do was hide where no one could see me.
I just wanna talk to you I know you hardly know me and this isn't something we often do But really I just wanna talk to you Just a call or a text or two That'd be great like fine treasures
A Beautiful, Celestial soul Gives unconditionally To the undeserving habitants Of her home, taking her time To extend vines of Ripening Fruit. What more can I want
To see her small hands  Stretch open wide  And have a piece of lint  Roll out of her palms,
The covers for never leaving after a one night's stand the bed that support me as I sleep the house that has provided shelter from storm and insects the computer purchased by my mother to help me keep up with the days
Let’s give a moment of silence for the tomato-red ladybug, Who reminds us that ambling 
Air that breathes in life
Air that breathes in life
Around us is only warmth. Inside me is only one sound. We can see colors contrast,Breaking through our windows.Winter has turned to spring,Summer yet to come.
  Life is fantastic
I read your obituary in today’s paper,
Green life tied with enthusiasm, Purely white buds seeking its way out full of plasm. The orchidanceae utterly grows, If given its periodic dose.   Day by day its stem reaches out,
I always used to see rainbows as a kid-
let’s raise our glassesforrejected lovebad memoriesand the failuresfrom years agoif not for themwe wouldn’t knowhow to fixthe crackshow to dragone foot
you aremy placewithoutmadnesseven withall theearthquakesanddisasterson theinsideandoutsideyoufeel likethe wayhome
there were peoplein your lifewhosaved youfrom drowningand you have tothank themfordoing everythingthey couldthere are otherswho willslap youright
Little Things
I am like a notebook with blank pages of uncertainty and past mistakes never completely erased. The spiraled edge will break with too much inside,  yet I can't add more space.
Eyes hold lies Ears hold lies It is not only the mouth that holds lies Whatever you're seeing is wrong, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Whatever you're hearing is wrong, YOU'RE WORTHY
I stay the same underneath, What my selfie seems to be. Whether on or offline My smile stays the same. I am the player, And Instagram's the game. Underneath the clothes and shining light.
Who am I? I'm no one I'm someone, that no one sees I'm outgoing And I'm "here" So why do I feel invisable? Because my name isn't my name My face doesn't look how it should
whispering whispering throught the trees telling secrets telling lies and  tall tales too through the tall grass and where the urban street meets the meadow where the wild becomes tame
She may not be the very definition of beauty but her self-restrained chaos unravels all connotations of the word.    She’s more than a number, more than a status. In a world of never ending can’ts, won’ts, shouldn’ts,
Circumstances may neglect you No matter how people Bring you down to feeble And let your self-esteem low and blue   Only fools burn bridges Of one’s failures and foes
As the sun peaked through your window, it woke me with its sweet rays. Hugging me gently, just as my mother did back in those days.
It’s tempting, to gaze upon the night sky                                       and see only crisp starlight, juxtaposed with a firm sheet of outer space. But most would know that soon,
You made me believe it was possible to trust another human being. Of course the only reason why I've become so cynical of trust, is simply because i've been broken by constant sorrow,
The forest: I go here to be at peace. My spiritual place that spills its breath onto the world in the bird’s call of morning and the owl’s song of night. Here is my serenity,
"I've Learned" by Nicholas Jones.In my 18 years of life,I've yearned for happiness,And I've yearned for strife,I've learned of death,And I've learned of life,
She is...More precious than the jewels that surround her King, the Queen is flawless her love is deeper than the bluest ocean the greenest forest...
Chemical reactions determine how I shape my words on this page. Internal flickers and quarks determine how many times I blink while processing my thoughts.
The wind sings a beautiful melody, that calls for the rain to fall. 
To you an American Soldier, so brave, considerate, and exceptional too. This poem here is in great honor to you.
You are the flowers
My mother is a tree The center of nature a gift from the creator she radiated oxygen through her lungs her photosynthesis produced a life she was so breath taking.
Black skin against white cotton fresh Beauty ripped from the land of purity Stolen virtue, unsure of direction Crowns ripped from bloody palms
I'm lost and confused, I've been mistreated, I feel used, I fall in love and get refused.
Appreciate. Appreciate the thoughts that come to the mind you were blessed with. The mind that’s capable of flying to the moon and raising a newborn child. Appreciate.
  Why hesitate? Is it getting late? Are you scrutinizing the clock to wait for the time in which it will shut the gate? Why so quick? Do not fall for life’s stupid trick!
Purgatory.   The endless wait, the infinite tide of fear and anxiety washes over again. I wait to see you come in, your angelic face shining like a beacon in an ocean of despair,
To be a bee would be the life for me,  For a world without bees would be lifeless. No pollen, no flowers, Not a plant to be showered, A dry, airless land, Not a soul with a breath,
The dim lighting hits your alluring body in the most perfect way.I stare as if I'll go blind by sunrise.
Winter's late afternoon. Dusting snowfall kisses my cheeks, A smile twinkles hiding within the corners of my lips. Lights glow behind the fluff of snow beside the mat that reads “Welcome Home.”
what we learn in the classroom, we may think id pointless, but what we learn in highschool could get us out of and political mess. As the future of our country we need to stamd and say
Who's to blame?We're all just so different,we take it for granted that we're right;point the fingers at anyone elseand mock the system.Just consider this:maybe we have our own way
From the break of day to nightfall copious passengers: overworked mothers, college students, gang members, important business men, with facial declarations that are impossible to conceal
Take time to cherish the little things The sweet sound of birds in the crisp morning air The surrounding warmth a blanket can provide
Sitting in a class day to day No difference, same thing ... papers all seem the same Waiting for a chance to shine...but the professor doesn't know me Hidden behind numbers...some one please recognize me
I am my mothers daughter As she is beautiful, so am I As she is loving, so am I As she is caring, so am I As she is courageous, so am I As she is graceful, so am I As she is smart, so am I
You are the one who gave to me my life Along with that guy who calls you his wife. I know that you want what is best for me Even though it may cost you a great fee.   I could not love you more than I do now.
People are unpredictable. If you think they are who they say they are, then you're wrong from the start. You can only know somebody, if you truly know their heart. But how will you know that if they cover up their scars,
         Bare Handed Catch Water Splashing in my face, Bouncing on the waves, Going light speed behind a motor boat Soaring like the eagle Swish, Swish, splash, going side to side
Wind howled through the trees, making them shake uncontrollably. The air shot through everyone's skin, it had been cold for so long. Yet there was an end in sight, the winter weather was gone.
Many a sparrow sounds the alarm for a new dawn Many an eye opens, then close in irritation Refusing to appreciate the song of the morning Many a flower blooms; the evaporating dew Creates an aroma; a natural perfume
The sea shimmers like sunlight on chrome Loud crashing waves and soft silky sand are my living room The beach is the place I call home   My home is unlike the old empire of Rome
Sometimes you don’t realize What you have. Not really knowing that your life is precious and a gift. Not really knowing that your life is better than others Living the good, good.
I had a dream last nightBut it wasn't an ordinary dreamIt was a nightmare on Sawyer StreetSo I decided to channel my epiphanies into this poemJust to change the world with my imaginary reality
Instructors introdued this form of writing to me. It was an easier way  to be expressed In a sense. First, rhyming was an issue Then, rhyming wasn't a must Now, rhyming is rare.
A cold winter night Oh such a beautiful sight The gentle breeze Yet you never freeze Coldness against the cheek Wet grass beneath the feet Chills down the spine In a straight line
Fingers reaching light Bare trees left till Spring Wake up from slumber Leave us gray morning Arise to warmth and shadows Welcome again Spring
The credits start to run after the images fade, Everyone agrees it was a great show and leaves, Not giving much thought to all the work it took to be made.
The sun it shines, regardless, The grass it grows, oblivious, The water it sits, fathomless. The moon it reflects, lovingly, The tree it stands, determinedly, The sand it moves, impulsively.
Love Unselfish and Bold Larger than life and more precious than gold A love that is true; pure; in rare form From a heart which is calm; affectionate; warm A love in which all hearts do yearn
I write a lot of poems Much about love and mild despair, But when referring to such love, What do I mean, I’ll make it clear, I speak of love, I want but lost, Love that will, extremely cost, Me mostly emotionally, But I have failed to mention, A
To My Sweetheart: In seventh grade we met Nearly eight years ago And yet we are still together Like the mountains and the snow We do not fight, we only love And love to be with one another
I am from clothes and plants From coffee and cheerios I am from the quiet neighborhood But loud house With the smell of pine trees When you walk outside I'm from the cactuses you grow
A glossy picture tilted on the wall My life portrayed within a snap An infinite second captured Forever engraved, perfect To make a choice In a second the picture can alter It's such a drastic change
Time Is a simple word. A loaded word. A mysterious word. A frightening word. Time Speaks to the unknown. Unhindered, unafraid It transcends understanding, escapes comprehension.
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