The Moment You Made Me Laugh

-To all Comedians-

The moment you made me laugh I knew I was in love.

I fell in love with everything about you.

You became my Messiah.

My Saviour.

My light at the end of that one dark tunnel I always happen to go down at night.

You are goddamn hysterical.

Your job is to make people laugh and I admire that.

I will forever cherish our secret rendezvous in dark concert halls where you talk to us all with no holding back.

Where we all speak the language of laughter.

And when we leave we take with us our tired face muscles, inside jokes and warmed hearts.

I’m a poet the moment my hands begin to move but I’m a comic at heart.

And it tears me apart.

I try so hard to be like you

My Idols.

I’m just not funny enough

I find I need you more then you will ever know

Whenever I’m soulless

I find you

Whenever I’m feeling down

I find you

Whenever I need a bit of Happiness

I find you

I can find you pretty damn fast now

-To all Comedians-

For all those moments you made me laugh and gasp for air.

For all the moments my asthmatic lungs struggled so hard to keep up.

For all those moments I would laugh so hard no sound would come out and all you could see were shoulders going up and down with glee.

For all the moments you made me smile for what seemed like an eternity.

Thank you

The moment you made me laugh I knew I was in love and I will be forever.


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