Worker Bees

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 20:42 -- etrense


United States
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The credits start to run after the images fade,
Everyone agrees it was a great show and leaves,
Not giving much thought to all the work it took to be made.

The cast, composed of actors and actresses’, so glamorous,
Gets all the credit and thought.
But what about those whose job was strictly laborious?

What of those who spend all their time working,
Making the cast’s job even make sense?
They poured their lives into creating a masterpiece, with a deadline lurking.

Does all of their work really even matter?
The fact that most leave as the credits roll,
Not giving them a second thought, makes that fact even sadder.

And what about the teachers that teach all day?
Are they what your mind thinks of when you think of a prestigious school?
Does their hard work even cross your mind, or their low pay?

And what of the nurse standing by doctors so tall?
Do you think there is more to instrument passing?
Maybe, just maybe, their work is very important after all.

Everyday hundreds pass, working important jobs unseen.
They do hard jobs,
They take the unprestigious, those not thought keen.

Maybe the fact that they are unknown doesn’t bother them so.
After all, that is why they took the job.
There is no other work they could love or know.

They are often known as worker bees.
But they are living their dreams and doing their passion,
They have only themselves to please.

Perhaps they are freer than we know.
They set their own stage,
And are masters of their own show.

So for those that work behind the scenes,
Your work is appreciated,
It’s worth is more than gold in its own means.

Without you the novelties we have today would not be present,
Your work shines like a royal crown.
‘To each his own’ work, even if it be a peasant.

So when you feel despair for what you may think is an invisible plight,
Just know you are thought of and appreciated.
So, spread your wings and in your job take flight.


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