Bad Intentions


I had a dream last night
But it wasn't an ordinary dream
It was a nightmare on Sawyer Street
So I decided to channel my epiphanies into this poem
Just to change the world with my imaginary reality
It all started with a party
To which I had been hosting
It seemed like the greatest party Chicago had see thus far
And everybody was choosing
Count of everyone who rsvp'd
Lots of people snuck their way in 
And they weren't even invited by me
Then there was this group of boys
They looked even more suspicious than the group before
They were determined to get in
No matter what it took...
But that was a dead mission
Since my dad gave them a speech and a serious look
They argued
They fret
But soon they stopped the persistence
And they left
I thought the conflict was over
But it was just getting started
The party had ended
And my dad was taking some people to the bus stop
Right then and there he was bombarded
By the angry boys
At least 10 of them
Beaten beyond recognition 
And shot with no regard for him
They dumped his body in Lake Michigan
They were heartless with bad intentions
My mother distraught 
Me? I was in shock
I couldn't believe something like this could happen
And all I sought...
Was an explanation
Explication perhaps
To why they were so furious
That they had to end the life of my dad
Now we're back to life
And I know this poem won't get that much hype
But I just wanted to say
Appreciate who you have today
Not because you might not see them tomorrow
But because it only comes around once
The present and yesterday 


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