Where I'm From


United States
39° 18' 55.152" N, 120° 56' 30.2532" W

I am from clothes and plants
From coffee and cheerios
I am from the quiet neighborhood
But loud house
With the smell of pine trees
When you walk outside
I'm from the cactuses you grow
The dogwood trees you love
Who's long limbs I will always remember
As if they were my own

I'm from holidays and birthdays
From you and loved ones
I'm from cleaning and cooking
And from crafts

I'm from "You talk to much"
And "I need your help"
And The Wheels on the Bus
I'm from the turkey or ham on Christmas
I'm from Sacramento and Philippines

Spaghetti and Lumpia
From my aunt who would have
Hershey kisses sitting out and us
Having Cheez-It's for a snack while
Watching the news
Her puttering around in her dress with
Her visor over her glasses
Thank you for your hard work
And raising us to the best of your abilities
I will always and forever love you


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