The Last Goodbye

Wed, 07/15/2015 - 13:03 -- MG
Green life tied with enthusiasm,
Purely white buds seeking its way out full of plasm.
The orchidanceae utterly grows,
If given its periodic dose.
Day by day its stem reaches out,
Extending for what it loves without a doubt.
Whispering encouragement with a touch of faith,
As if it had ears of a wraith.
It straightens its shimmering petals bit by bit,
Then suddenly blooming to its fullest extent showing its own fun wit.
But this lasts only for a moment, 
The blooms start to curl and here comes its opponent.
Those far reaching stems slowly turning yellow,
Looking at it leaves me feeling mellow.
The pure white blooms darkens with wrinkles, withering away,
And life seeps out everyday.
I ask myself what have I done wrong?
It used to be so delightful, heavenly and strong.
My question never truly gets answered. 
''Was there anyway I could have done to prevent this?'' I wondered.
But as follows, even a lonely lovely plant has its hour glass,
Every thing does no matter what it is or its mass.
It will always follow whenever growth and life once prospered,
Only wishing for it to have stayed for a bit if it only had offered.
My mind slows, taking it all in, accepting the end,
Accepting the death of my newest friend.
Never forgetting its lovely bursts of gifts,
Must every happy life end with twists?
Why couldn't He just let this delightful one go?
Everyone else would say so.
It would have never cause any conflicting harm,
I lay there, staring at the life less plant until I'm brought back to life by my alarm.
Taking a deep breath, I start the routine of my life but before that, I thank the once lively plant,
I thank for the experience of watching it grow and whatever else I decided to rant.
But as I said my goodbye's, I knew there was no stopping this,
The only way to fulfill its life was to celebrate every moment and minute without a miss.
Without regret, one may leave another day,
Because every moment it lives it'll receive care, happiness and praise without a say.
If this tiny plant deserves all of this ,
So must the people who can unlock my heart with a kiss.
Every tick of the clock,
Must be counted by rocks.
Not many realize the time wasted,
Until we see a physical representation in front of us being weighted.
I must not let anything starve, 
Or else it will leave me scarred.
My only wish is to give everything I have,
It wouldn't matter if it were a flower sprouting or if it was someone I love.
No one is an exception to the celebration of life,
We all live in the same world, why must one be selfish of who can receive praise or the knife?
We shouldn't judge or neglect,
We should give each other care and respect.
We're all on the same bountiful world, and theres a reason for that,
People throughout history had done nothing about it but sat.
But that's not what I'm going to do,
I will do everything for a life before we say our last "adieu".
This poem is about: 
Our world


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