As the sun peaked through your window.


Delray Beach
2530 N Albatross RD unit B
United States
26° 25' 54.9516" N, 80° 4' 39.1332" W

As the sun peaked through your window, it woke me with its sweet rays.

Hugging me gently, just as my mother did back in those days.

Worries never crossing my mind, because all I see is the wonder reflecting in my eyes.

Yet as I grow older, my mind begins to change.

I think of things I never used to in those simple days.

“Will I have it done in time?”

“”And if I miss out, will everything still be fine?”

Thoughts that brew in every persons mind, at least at some point;

 at some time.

Because these simple worries I recognize;

 like a miner, when seeing the dirt begin to shine.

I was the lucky one you see; and I tell all of those around me.

“Each day I am that miner. And each day I dig a little deeper. Not knowing how far it will go but never stopping either.”

These new thoughts stayed with me through my later years, but I never looked at them as something to fear.

Everyone wonders what the day will bring, as do I;

 but I still allow my mind to sing.

As I wake up to the sun filling my room, I remind myself that each day is something entirely new.

Rising to the sky just as every other, except now I see only mystery;

 and it fills me with pure wonder.

Because I found myself at the roots of my journey.

And as the days progress, I grow further;

 expanding my stems, but not in a hurry.

For others around me, lift me higher.

Showing me new ways to reach the light, I truly desire.

I wish to be among those few.

That stare at the sun, and appreciate the morning dew.

Because each day, is a new page waiting to be written,

One where I decide the fate of my own depiction.

The rest is unknown.

And it should stay that way.

 because mystery, is a beautiful heart ache.



Hi guys! I was just wondering what you think of my poem and basically if it is beign read in an awkward way or not in your heads! I feel like I am not typing it the correct way as though the way I am speaking it. Thank you for your feedback and hope to hear back soon!

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