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What if I held that hand without thinking too Much. What if I didn't avoid that feelings without being
When I was young I was taught to love, To give, to comfort and to make laugh. I was taught to say gratitude and blessings; To have faith and to create my dreams I was taught to be patient; to be kind and to forgive.
Mistakes, regrets and feeling pain,Fun, happiness and being fain..We do succeed and we do fail.These all are useful living gain.
Sitting alone in a dark room Wondering if everything that happened was true As the silence grows stronger and my heart beats faster I'm now laying down, lost and confused
Feathers scatter in the wind, But they’re merely the thoughts of doubt. I let them go with the rest. Continuing on like always.   That crimson-colored sky
Shhh… we must whisper when we say this. This is for you my regrettable desire This is for the Love I thought we could’ve had And the love we never will have 
  there’s this girl i used to know. her name flows blue inside of me- she was so afraid to show, who she once was in front of me-  
Pay attention to the sunlight, the sunlight is the most warm, visible radiation of all. Down, down into the darkness it goes- the hot, the tender, the close.  
"Lucy,      Lucy,             No."  She whispers to her hands. She cries to the company. We stare,       curiously,           judgementally.  
You remember robbing those rich fucks- when we stole all their shit right outta their yard? And the police patrol car followed us    for nearly a mile. You know you were there for me and I never said
Speaking is my burden Speaking is my sinNo matter if i wish to helpMy words shall never winMaybe if i speak one lessAnd choose not to say a speechThen maybe they’ll rejoiceAnd happiness they’ll preach
the epitome of you: flirtatious gentleman a hell-like paradise a book with the words scribbled out blackout poetry?  
Regret consumes. 
A break up is something couples dread the most. It is something couples avoid or else they'll feel lost. Our significant other is the one that makes us whole.
It was childish... It was so immature... I knew it but I didn't really believe when you said you would cut me off forever...
Kyle,  I was sitting today, in a room full of hearts,  When the subject of music arose amid the smatterings of abstract conversations. 
Dear, Shame
To the girl that should've known better.
To her I had clung, Haunted by the melody she’d sung. Only bitter pieces remained, And the numbness waned.   “Don’t cry,” she’d say,
  For a moment I heard your voice, for a moment time stopped just so I could notice you. You’ve changed so much, it’s clear that everything between us is now different.  
Relationships have been tough and rough this days The last one torn me apart and taught me to be nobody’s fool It all started when I love someone And he didn’t love me back, instead of putting a stop to the deceit
She dug her seashell pink nails into my back Angry red and charcoal black My Angel's got a temper, seeing red when I dare speak to somebody-Anybody!-else Her love is wrath,
The wheel never stops turning, From the moment we take our first breath To the moment we take out last. Once we open our eyes We must begin the cycle of life. But it is not how it was before.
You reach in  and depending on how you move how you think  how you learned studied, watched. you can pull your hand out with so many things.
You will never know the feeling of freedom that surges down my spine, The shiver that cascades through my veins, As we race against time to make memories.  
Hot vibrant flames roar in the smoke of an empty fireplace. It warms the ice chipped fingertips wrapped around a perfect pair of mittens.      In the palms, knitted thread binds the spaces.  Patterns.  Cheetah. Floral print. Colors. Stripes.
Regrets come back hunting you when you have failed in your tasks Then you try to move forward by wearing a mask There's no room to step backward, it's too late, it's dark. You thought you'd do anything and never lose her
Everyone wants to be beautiful. Nobody recognizes true beauty until it's gone.   It's just like the old saying, "you don't realize what you've got until it's gone". It's the same for beauty.  
She is a girl.Living off the sustenance of guys' attentions.She is hurling aroundat a million miles an hour.Out of control.But she needs it,you see.If she slows or stops,she might remember
You pressed your secrets into my skinLike they were the most delicate ofFlowers, IPut them between the pages of only myFavorite books, and even thenOnly the ones I knew you’d like
If I COULD change things I WOULD   If I was GIVEN the chance to go back in time I'll be first in line 
I should have broken up with youthe
When day becomes night What's wrong becomes right Sin has no shame All wounds loose their pain The night of the wild Their howls to the sky Forgetting the day an unreachable high
"Something I would say:
I lived a love story, that wasn't a love story, but was a love story. And it cannot be unwritten, although it's only half written, and that's what I don't like.
Don’t fall in love with a writer Don’t believe them when they say they love you, don’t believe their sorrys
People look so happy, everywhere I go,ask if I'm ok, I'll say I'm fine, but shouldof said no!Living alone contributes to days being boring and long,adds onto feeling less appreciated and being happy, feel wrong.
Brock Light broken glass everyone makes mistakes it gives people pains, and aches.
we are full of stories to tell memories we store and dreams that we sell soon they fade from view sadly they dry as the morning dew ignorant of a dream's worth or a lesson to which  memory gave birth
  If I could drink my tears, I’d no longer be thirsty. If they would quench the fire, I’d no longer be burning. If they would wash away the worms, I’d no longer be hurting.  
I need to move into the city somewhere I've never been somewhere where there aren't  memories of him. Because the loneliness in well known places the silence with familiar faces
Silver ribbon Assiniboinea sash for a city--a ceinture fléchéetied into the Red just off Highway 1          You leak into the topsoil           in the place you call home          and come back up a street map
“You can’t save everyone People are destined to perish
Here's one from several months back:   Weighed down by the mistakes of my past A pebble, a rock, a mountain on my shoulders At first I ran, regrets like quicksand sucking at my feet
Why is 'i' before 'e' except after 'c'?
Scribble Scribble Scribble that was my day that was the good stuff that was the bad stuff Scribble Scribble Scribble those are my hopes those are my dreams those are my goals
I lost that timeworn, white gold wedding band, the one that represented a broken purity that we as humans have destroyed. I lost my stern father’s posh shutter lens FujiFilm and for a while we lost track of time between then and now.
To my friends:
I miss him 
  Staring in the Face of Regret by Averey Respall Sitting, Waiting, Procrastinating. Later, After, Then. This is it. It's now or never. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock A glimpse at the clock
The best night in a long time Almost a dream u were finally mine   It wasn't the kiss I felt on my lips bt the softest touch from Ur fingertips    Not even the long romantic affection
When The world moves Eyes Bloom Hearts fusee Some want to be the wife And some the groom But it only matters on how you act in the living room And who makes it to the grave tomb But thats what is called the Big Boom When the world collapsed and l
As I walk down the street I here the vibration of the feet The feet of the enemy The enemy that's killing me killing me constantly as the world reminds me of thee
Out I came squawling into tender hands glancing back, and knowing loss before I knew my name. Already I had slipped. The cup of sadness, newly nipped, would sustain me as whips do on the flanks of black stallions
It’s so strange how things connect.
When my time has come, and my hair is grey And I look back on the life I've lived I don't want to leave an open ends   Not thoughts starting with the phrase "What if..."  
You carry me in your arms and rest me on your lap. I know I’m weighing you down and making your legs fall asleep, but you hold me there tightly.
I own these things;these things I bore,yet left me for deadI own these things.No ones name but mine engraved.No one to blame, but me to blame.Everlasting, unforgiven, unchanging.
Danielle's my favorite teacher I'd tell her all the time If she wasn't far too busy Keeping me from knives She told me that she loved me And when I asked her "why?"
I'm sick and tired of all these games, I'm sick of chasing, Sick of complaining. For once I'd like to be able to speak, And not be afraid of what you might think, But this illusion, This desire,
So I lay here in darkness hoping to find sleep My logic shows that control is out of reach Just like most my life these thoughts consume my mind You’d think I’d get a-hold of my habit to crawl inside
albino skin, golden scales i once saw you in a nightmare man and woman declaring disinterest as they sit idle in a car wash pink raincoat girl, why do you put so much pepper in your soup?
I'm lost in blue underneath this waining moon, Just thinking of you and all the thoughts pool, Wishing I could see through, All the insanity I let you go through, And let it go.
"There across the Crescent Moon is where you'll find me sitting on the edge fishing, in hopes to reel you back to me once more."
Everyday I open my eyes, wishing I could stay asleep. For in my state of unconsciousness, I'm free of the past haunting me. Past mistakes that cut me deep inside my soul, my mind won't let me forgive myself, won't let me let them go.
SNAP. my head flies back How did I get so far off track It must be apologized, must be fixed Her mind must be spinning with all my tricks A jerk? no I've been an ass An apology in bulk and mass
Why don't we love one another?Aren't we all created equally?Why do we spit words of hate,and ask for respect in return?Why do we think we're self-righteous,but ignore our mistakes?Why do we live our lives for ourselves,but feed off of others? When
Being a human, I want things my way.I want to be happy, What can I say.But for some reason, it never happens.I keep trying, but my sorrow deepens.I look at others, they seem to be fine.Whiskey doesn't help, neither does doing a line.Life is beauti
Reality is distant as a dream/Images become harder to procure/Shattering reailty at the seams./When the old ones continue to endure,/Seeing the shadow of a missed smile,/Wishful thinking wasted on times long gone,/Easily lost like sun on a dial/Li
Sometimes I think, "What might've been...?" And on these fancy flights is when My brain will start to hurt and ache As I recall each last mistake And all the who's and when's and how
He makes promises that are well kept and groomed and I don’t forget about them awarding him with credibility; closing my eyes to any negativity about him. Nothing is definite,
Time flies like a rocket ship Now eighty years old Looking back and regretting “Don’t let this be you,” she warns
Dust me off and take me for a spin I begin to feel you here again Maybe I will cross your mind when autumn comes Or just become a face of places you are from   Like a frozen tableau on a stage long ago
I see the stars a-shining. I hear the birds a-rhyming.   The moon, sparkling. The moon, charming.   Time is passing. Nothing good is lasting.   Time goes on.
And you're goneFarThe last of you that I heardWas the sound of your guitar All we areIs two star crossed loversAs distantAs the stars
Theres something about the way you feel when getting mail doesnt excite you anymore when it goes from birthday cards  from your grandma to junk mail and bills   
Words that tortureWords that blessWhat shall put my thoughts to rest? Heart held captiveBy the mindFeelings ever left confined Words that tortureWords that hauntConsequence of fate unkind
Fighting to keep the past behind Fighting to keep the ground underneath my feet While all around the world dissolves to ashes All around me
Police patrol. Ambulance's sirens scream. Gunshots fire. People run, In attempt to save their own lives.
everybody is looking for LOVE but we wind up with PAIN it's not peaceful like a DOVE It's more like a thunderstorm mixed with hail and RAIN
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