The Text Messages I've Never Sent

-(6-29-12)Hey, do you ever wonder what it would be like to be able to breathe under water?
-(10-31-13) She doesn't really miss you, you need to stop going back to her. 
-(3-13-15)Do you ever stop and think that cats are the best things ever? 
-(4-17-15)Can I borrow your jacket? It reminds me of you and I like the way it smells.
-(7-1-14)Hey, dude, can we go out to lunch? We haven't talked since school let out, I'll buy. 
-(9-13-13)Do you ever wonder if there's life on other planets?
-(5-17-12) Why did it take you so long to ask for my number? Am I that intimidating?
-(2-9-15) Did you know I've been listening to this band on repeat since 8 in the morning? (At that time it was 10 at night)
-(7-28-14) I haven't heard from you in a while, what's up? 
-(9-26-13) She doesn't really love you, I wish you could see that, she'll end up hurting you, I know it. 
-(3-27-15) Do you remember any of  those tongue twisters we used to do in elemetary school? 
-(4-16-14) He never loved you, you know? He was just playing you along like a dummy and I can't let him keep doing that to you, you're my best friend. 
- (2-11-15)The bags under my eyes are designer, did you know that? 
-(2-24-15) Hey lets build snowmen, it'd be cute, like tumblr cute. 
-(4-17-15) You've been really busy recently, can we hang out? 
-(7-17-14) Dude, honestly, I can't wait for school to start. 
-(4-28-15) When your name pops up on my phone, I can't help but smile and everyone knows it's you. 
-(6-18-14) I really want Starbucks, but I'm too lazy. 
-(12-26-12) A relationship? Will we really try this time? I want us to try. 
-(10-15-14) Why is everyone so obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes???? 
-(1-23-13) we didn't try... 
-(3-20-15) Hey what's wrong, I was told to ask what was wrong, is everything okay? 
-(10-12-14) You're someone completely different now, she changed you, didn't she? 
-(5-5-15) Hey, can I call? I haven't talked to you in a while, and I really miss you, I just need to hear you, it's been years, or feels like it. 
-(5-6-15) Hey I never know how to end my poems, can you help? 


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