The wheel never stops turning,

From the moment we take our first breath

To the moment we take out last.

Once we open our eyes

We must begin the cycle of life.

But it is not how it was before.

No not even close,

Not with all the iPads and tweeting and uber rides.

No, far from it.

Children don’t play anymore.

They lock themselves from the outside world,

From possible friendships and relationships,

From love

To waste away their youth

Wishing they were older.

High school hits and this is when shit gets real.

They start missing their youth and

Wish to go back and take advantage

Of the time they had,

Of the experiences they could have had.

Now it is too late.

They need to graduate.

They need a career.

They need a family.

They need to go back

And do it all over again.

Maybe this time they’ll learn.


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