Everyday I open my eyes, wishing I could stay asleep. For in my state of unconsciousness, I'm free of the past haunting me. Past mistakes that cut me deep inside my soul, my mind won't let me forgive myself, won't let me let them go. They say time heals all wounds, but I think it not be true. For it's been six months and my thoughts remain on you. I remember every laugh, every smile, every cry, most importantly I remember the day we said goodbye. I can't articulate in words how stupid I had been, for letting you go and putting you through the pain that you're now in. I made the biggest mistake I know I'll always regret, because you will always be the most amazing person I have met. I took your prescence for granted, I thought you'd always be there. I never thought I'd see the day when you told me you don't care. I still can feel those words stabbing at my heart, threatening to cut me open and pull myself apart. I'm a wreck, a mess, a broken down car. You can fix me up the best you can, but I'll still never run that far. For I need you in my life, but you're already gone. I'm stuck in this same place, while you're gone, gone, gone.


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