Fri, 05/06/2016 - 12:04 -- Huz M

Regrets come back hunting you when you have failed in your tasks
Then you try to move forward by wearing a mask
There's no room to step backward, it's too late, it's dark.
You thought you'd do anything and never lose her
Stupidity at its best dear Sir.
Now auto-torture is the best solution
You keep watching her fuck another guy, full HD action.
His dick is bigger than yours that's what you imagine
He gives her a big kiss, he thinks he's Prince
You don't even know him
He's invisible and takes advantage of this power to enter into your being.
He keeps haunting you
She keeps watching you
No words come out, you're lost
That's your reality, you're broke
But suddenly there's hope
Hope of being broken down again till you choke
Both homicide and suicide without the use of a rope
You suffocate you die you live again and you die again
You continue to stink even after trying so many brands of soap.
Infected chromosomes
You try to scream you want to go back to your home sweet home
All routes are closed.
"Oh help me before I commit some irresponsible act again"
The situation that used to be a game
Now it's standing in front of you about to stab a knife in your chest
To give you such pleasurable pain!

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