An unfortunate memory


The best night in a long time

Almost a dream u were finally mine


It wasn't the kiss I felt on my lips bt the softest touch from Ur fingertips 


Not even the long romantic affection

Bt the hug that surged a lightening connection 


The accidental touch when u moved around 

Made me shake from inside from the peace I found 


To nervous I couldn't speak.. the reaction I had made me undoubtedly weak


What is it u have that catches my attention, maybe the smerk or dominate intentions 


Whatever the case u had my full concentration, perfectly wanted I was a fulfilled creation 


The passion in Ur actions will haunt me forever nd only me because u don't even remember


How could u forget such a night like this, something so exciting a seducing first kiss 


After years of waiting to finally be together we got what we wanted bt with ony one being there 


U knew exactly what to say like u heard my soul talking I would of never guessed I could easily be forgotten


My memory is vivid, ur whispers as loud as the wind... What will my body say when our paths cross again


Will I shiver from ur voice nd avoid contact, or pass to remember the night that ended to fast 


I hope I to can delete it from my memory nd deny how intense it was with u simply sitting next to me 


Will the sight of the stars bring back that cold warm moment when leaning on u reached the wall I had nd broke it


These deep feelings now only belong to me because I'm not strong enough to fall for 1 easy at forgetting.





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