A Mediocre Love Story

I lived a love story, that wasn't a love story, but was a love story. And it cannot be unwritten, although it's only half written, and that's what I don't like. I have this history now, that I feel is pretending to take the place of something real, but because of that, it actually took up that space. There was nothing there, but everything. No relationship, but a relationship. I lived, for a while, half as good as I could've. Faking it, but barely making it. Which led to taking it all from me. Something I asked for, but didn't know what I was asking for. Something I am not sure if I should regret.

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Deep. No matter what relationship you had and no matter how you felt after, the pain of a break up always makes us wonder if it was love or not. Never regret you past mistakes, because that is what makes you stronger if you have learned from them. You might have had something close to love in that relationship but something got in the way in the midst of it, and love became faking it to stay together. It's hard to love someone regardless if it is a boyfriend,girlfriend, mom, dad, sister, or brother truly, but just loving that person and having that person in your life left you with a growth in your understanding of what it means to love. Love is a sacrifice that takes your whole life and more to understand. Maybe you are not ready for love yet and you just need to step back and see what you need in your life and what you need to be in someone else's life. No matter what, love is so worth it. Though it looks like it failed in that relationship, it actually strengthen you to see what how much growing you need to do with love before you can love another. You will get there someday. This pain is only the beginning of something beautiful. This was an amazing poem. Please message me back on one of my poems if you would like me to respond to your response if you have a response after this long one I am leaving on your poem (lol sorry). God bless you in your struggles and may He help you to persevere and grow stronger through it all. In Jesus name. Amen. Btw, keep writing on my friend :).

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