Relationships have been tough and rough this days

The last one torn me apart and taught me to be nobody’s fool

It all started when I love someone And he didn’t love me back,

instead of putting a stop to the deceit

He just allowed me to wander alone in my own fantasy; all

Because I love you

I allowed you to feel the creaking and cranking of my Already broken heart

I confessed to you like a sinner in front of a priest,

Waiting to be ransomed

Because I did love you

I expected you to be the one to bolt my heart together

And put it back in shape.

Oh yes I anticipated you to love me back and grease my worn out heart

With the soothing oil of a man’s (your) care.

I wouldn’t even allow you to drink your milk from a feeding bottle;

I gave it to you directly from my breast,

like a mother who would not let go of her baby even for a second

Because I love you

I couldn’t see, even when the signs where there and clear;

You could say I easily passed for a fool.

I thought my love to you was an immeasurable gift of gold

Until I saw you cheapen it with faithlessness and violence

Well, I didn’t mind at first

because I wished for a miracle that was never going happen,

But you wouldn’t stop instead you became worst day by day

My love for you became weaker and weaker

It opened my eyes to the fact that you never loved me

Instead you fooled me with insincere words.

You broke my trust for you,

You capitalized on my weakness,

And made me cry all day;

you knew all these

Still you would not stop lying, you would not love me back.

I still wonder within myself, maybe it was a crime to love you

But I find joy in fact in the fact that I freed myself from this love that will not reciprocate.

Because I love you,

You fooled me once and I can assure you It won’t happen twice.

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