these are paintings in my head; scenarios


albino skin, golden scales

i once saw you in a nightmare

man and woman declaring disinterest

as they sit idle in a car wash

pink raincoat girl, why do you put so much pepper in your soup?

i want to knead your back like challah 

i want to suck the moisture dry from your eyes

slipping chiffon

punishing her misbehaving eyebrows with slick vaseline 

greasy faced teen queen, i love your freckles

and your lacquered, chipping nails

i want to apologize for the metal and pungency 

emanating off of my neck

i want to say i’m sorry for arriving too early, for forcing awkward conversation

i wish you would forgive me for falling in love with flowers

for lulling myself to sleep to the drone of killer bees 


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