Set Me Free

Sat, 12/30/2017 - 11:15 -- vmxiong


For a moment I heard your voice, for a moment time stopped just so I could notice you. You’ve changed so much, it’s clear that everything between us is now different.


Love, the happiness I missed.. The precious word I keep in my heart will always be for you.


Set Me Free, Let me Be, this is not what I wanted. To be reminded of your soft hands, your warming smile and your imperfect heart that completed mine.


Carefully you intertwine your hands with mine, why are you doing this to me when we’re not meant to be. I can clearly be moved with your smile. Do you assume everything will go back to normal?


Is this all behind us now? I assume that you were expecting more. You fool, you’re making me cry with your words of hope which you can never promise again.


Love, I want that back. Happiness that’s mine, it’s already gone.


Set Me Free, Let me Be, this is not what I wanted.

Just like a fool, I still continue on

Set Me Free, Let me Be, now it’s all over


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Our world


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