loving a writer

Don’t fall in love with a writer

Don’t believe them when they say they love you, don’t believe their sorrys

Don’t believe you when they say they’ll keep your secrets

All pain becomes poetry even if it isn’t ours

We take your business and auction it off for 3 min of fame

We have a way of puzzle piecing pain into something beautiful

We are the outcast in every school cafeteria, rejected by every clique and owned by none.


Don’t fall in love with a poet. We don’t know how to love you back

We scribble our melodic metaphors all over your heart

We persuade you with the passion in our heart

But our passion marks are more like bruises

We can be abusive

Not in the physical sense but mentally we are bullies

Your rope and were pulley

You’ll bend to our whim


Don’t fall in love with a poet

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