2 A.M.

So I lay here in darkness hoping to find sleep

My logic shows that control is out of reach

Just like most my life these thoughts consume my mind

You’d think I’d get a-hold of my habit to crawl inside

I promised, before the sour days, to never leave your side

What a little fool; ignorantly consenting a crime

It’s almost as if my morals were a plastic bottle polluting a road-side

On those endless abused highways that trigger my questions of why

They keep saying I lost myself, I lost myself in you

I disagree, I disregard, I stand my ground- that’s not true

You see, what they don’t see, is there’s more than just to see

A man who learns solely with eyes is a man setup to confuse my truth with their lies.

You know they know you stole me? A bounty hunter working over time

You were a leech, no mercy when you preyed…

Meanwhile I was winning a staring contest with a sign that screamed ONE WAY


I knowingly stepped on that pavement as if I was a child given no regulations.

But you, you wept at my dying fire while permitting its resignation.

These jumbled broken words make up your own fucking dissertation.

This is my dedication to you, my self-righteous charged over-due abomination.


In one of those seconds, in the multiple minutes that made up our hours,

I depicted myself as the worthless one-

Looking back now, we were both cowards

Match my breath, pinkies gripped, cross her heart;

I hope I die before I have to look in your eyes.


Dear Common Sense, I apologize for my irreverent compromise. 


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